I find myself feeling super creative after Halloween, like I got to play with all of my style toys and go really crazy, and now I feel confident enough to take my daily style to the next level. IMG_5684

I was honestly a little disappointed in the selection this year. The stores were bare, and I got there early. Like, this is my black Friday, people! I started at target, where I found a bunch of Halloween Pyrex and manderwear last year.(To be fair, all I really want is socks. Okay?) Then onto spirit where it was a hot mess… well, it’s always a hot mess… but it was ravaged. After that I went to Cost Plus and got the most adorable tumbler glasses and some lanterns I’ve been eyeing for a while.

In any case, these are the previous two year’s glasses purchases, that I wear ALL THE TIME. People are constantly complimenting me on these glasses, and although the purple ones went in the wash AND dryer and came out without nose rubbers (I mean, come on. What else would they be called?) I still love them up.


As for my favorite purchase this year, it’s clear. WHITE NET BODY SUIT (and it has crotch snaps, hooray!!!) for a whopping $8.

Here it is pictured with a total score dress from Urban Outfitter’s sale room in (random) Lexington, KY. This thing is light and airy, has freaking pockets, and I feel hot in in even when I’m super bloated….. which is often hahaha! IMG_5679

Why it works with this dress:

The dress is almost suede like, so it’s a smooth rich texture. The netting is fitted and it’s great in contrast to the looseness of the dress. I love seeing the seam lines on the bodysuit also. The neck on the bodysuit is like a wide dance leotard neck, and the dress has the racerback shape, and this too is an excellent marriage of contrast.


Now onto the Kim K Sh*#:

I thought this would look sick with this stretchy panda pencil skirt I got in Brooklyn, NY two Mays ago, super sexy fitted and awesome. I love the simplicity of the tight shirt and the skirt alone, but clearly it’s see through. I’m not ready to parade these girls around in that way, and I’m pretty sure I’d get arrested. We aren’t there yet as a society.

IMG_5682So, I thought, wouldn’t this make an excellent bridge for the winter months when I want to wear my high waists and crop tops but it’s a little cooler than comfortable. There you go.

There I am, less than ecstatic to cover up what was awesome, but like I said, we aren’t IMG_5686ready… maybe I’m not ready.

What I love most about the sheer long sleeve is that it technically is covering my body, but it feels so deviant because of the material. Downside: totally smelled like chemicals out of the bag, but I aired it. lol.

I’m really enjoying a modest silhouette with scandalous fabrics lately.

 Do you have any halloween hangovers? I know those adorable kiddies do! Why not keep it going? Let me know in the comments below!!!


Wear what makes you happy,

Becca <3

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