A charm to focus the intention of the stone.

This was one of the first things I made. I made it for my mom and girlfriends and everyone loved the idea. I just wanted a reminder. I wanted them to feel okay, and safe, and happy, just by knowing that they are supported in all ways. Through angels, through the immense energy of the planet, the universe, and that I love them.

The stones have their own qualities, but the milagros really hone in on what people feel they need support with. Whether it’s the loss of a parent or child or partner, or someone is sick, or maybe they want to think about creating a greater love in their own lives. Its so so personal, and I love it that way. We all might experience heart-bursting love or heartbreak, but that’s what we share. The intricacies of the situation are for the wearer or the blessing (gift) giver.


Children Milagros

L to R: praying girl, praying boy, praying girl, praying boy

Children – Representative of inner child, or actual children

Angel Milagros

L to R: Archangel, Archangel, Archangel, Young angel, Cherub, Young angel


Archangel – protection and guidance

Young Angel – your prayers are always heard, specific guardian angels, angels always around

Cherub – purity, innocence, light heartedness, feeling the childlike wonder


Heart Milagros

L to R: Overflowing heart, Heart Aflame, Textured/muscly heart, Textured/muscly heart, speared heart, small detailed heart, small detailed heart


Heart aflame / Overflowing heart – Compassion for everyone (mostly yourself!) reminder that love is a renewable resource. The more you love without attachment to behavior or outcome, the more love you create and receive.

Speared heart – The cracks are where the light gets in. Our perceived weakness is actually our gift.

Textured heart (Muscly Heart) – All that we endure makes us stronger. If your heart has been broken you are like a marathon runner of love. You have built a tremendous strength, and this is your gift.

Small detailed heart – sweet love, gratitude, appreciation, the grass grows where you water it. Find the source of your purest energy. The heart pumps all the blood throughout the body, what is your source of life’s blood?



CLEAR Quartz

Clarity in ideas and guidance. Let’s B CLEAR. The clear quartz acts as a prism (literally and metaphorically) to expand your field of vision and perception. It channels divine direction and influence directly into your consciousness because you are made of light. It shows you the full spectrum of possibilities that lie before you so you can make decisions using your highest mind and powers of good.

ROSE Quartz

Self compassion- firstly. The biggest, warmest, most comforting hug from the earth. Feeling this love within so that you can be the sturdiest, and deepest pool of love when others need you the most. And the best part, when you are full yourself, you can give without losing. Love is a renewable resource, that you generate. Don’t forget!

BLACK Tourmaline

An incredible transformer of energy. Literally absorbs and reorganizes all energy to be used positively. Recent studies are showing how it can reduce radiation from computers and cell phones because of it’s transformative properties. Whether you’re putting up a sturdy boundary, or would like to disburse some negativity, black tourmaline works to not repel negativity, but build your defense through assimilation.



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