I stumbled across this article this morning and it made me slightly cranky.

It makes some interesting points, but leaves me feeling like I should give up on all that makes me happy because it doesn’t make me a kajillionaire, or my desire will wane.

“1. Most gifted people don’t have one overriding passion.”

This is something that entrepreneurs struggle with daily. Just because you have many passions doesn’t mean you need to pick one, and leave all the rest while feeling weary. Just pick something and do it until it wears off. Generally, people who have many interests are not “strugglers”, we LOVE to get things done, and glorify business quite often.

The writer suggests we shouldn’t pursue “false passions” because they won’t get us anywhere. LITTLE STEPS. Everything we do in life is to prepare us for something else. Whether or not it feels that way in the moment, we are here to learn- all the time- not just in school.

Welcome to the school of life, where you learn how to live. (not just how to make money and buy things, but how to express kindness and gratitude, and deal with people who don’t know how to be nice, and learn compassion)

“2. The money just might not follow.”

What if someone doesn’t want to be a millionaire? There is more to life than having money. Sure, it’s security, it’s stability, but to some, it is a representation of energy. How much is your energy worth?

Also, life is too short to be scrambling around trying to make money. There are way too many free things to do (hiking, swimming, talking, dancing) to think that money will bring you happiness (which is why we care about it anyway?)

The author suggests that someone working at a music store who should be teaching is not contributing to society. Uhm, not everyone is cut out to be a teacher, and how do you know the ripple effects that this person is making by selling music?

“3. The search for one’s passion can be a distraction from living in the present.”

I’m not saying I agree with this one, but I do have trouble staying in the present, but that’s because this society has convinced me that I always need something new, and what I have just won’t do.

However, exploring your world, looking at the flowers, the stars, taking a painting class, or a zumba class is not going to take you out of the present. I can tell you that much. Art therapy, anyone?

“4. Your bliss can become hell once it becomes a job.”

This is just the debbie-downerist thing I have every heard, not to mention his “reasons” are fluff, but okay.

Money is what you get for giving your time, energy, and effort. It’s a symbol of energy. Just because you add money to the mix of your passion, doesn’t make it evil. Money is “evil” if you let it be. Just remember it’s a symbol-yup, a representation.

Not everything is sunshine and lollipops, but when you are full of the spirit that moves you to do something all day every day, and you’ve figured out how to monetize it, it will still be awesome. Working a job (for someone else, in my case) where you don’t call the shots, and you don’t have the room to speak up about how things are going, that’s hell. Getting paid less that a living wage because it’s better than following a dream? I call BS!  (you can make money doing just about anything, as long as you’re passionate, just ask marie forleo!)

“5. Steve Jobs didn’t follow his own advice.”

Clearly this article was written for people who want to make money, and don’t care about a meaningful life outside of that. Ever heard “more money more problems”? Bingo!

“finding oneself” is an integral part of success to some people. sometimes you have to do what you hate before you get to do what you love.

But really. Steve Jobs had to wander around to find what he was good at. It’s not like he got into college and was like, i’m changing the world. No. He had to figure things out for himself. In his case, timing was everything, and he lucked out.

Furthermore Susan,  there is no recipe for success, but if you are committed to helping people, or feel like you have an opportunity to bless the world with new products, DO IT!

your passion

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