Before I do my reading, and in today’s case, as I was gathering the stones, I light some bits of dried sage and lavender to clear and bless the air. Today I needed some extra help choosing the stones so that was a good thing do do out of order. This is also resulted in 4 crystals instead of the usual three. The last one just demanded to be included hahaha.

This full moon is pretty neat. It’s going to appear 30-40% larger than usual because it is a supermoon. (It’s not even full, and I saw it today, it was like a sci fi movie!)

Simple joys.

This moon is about finding what really makes you feel good in a creative way. This isn’t limited to painting and dancing, this is about giving your passion to something positive and encouraging. Feel the soul, but also the body. Taurus is rules by Venus, which means pleasures and experiences. Take care of yourself this week by maybe cleansing from a cleanse (hahahh!) or talking a walk for lunch. Getting out and appreciating nature is not only great for you but awesome during this time. It’s like, the more you do to positively expand your views, the more it seems as though it’s coming up roses. Fill your input with positivity, with nature’s abundance, and take note of what you are grateful for, and it will help keep you out of any grumpiness and self-loathing.

Anything that is given loving energy during this time will not only flourish, but it will be around for a while. So, make sure that you find something joyous to pour yourself into, maybe its a project to help others, maybe its quiet creative time for yourself, in any case, this is a great time to feel and express love.


You know the drill. Whichever stone calls out to you, holds a special message for you at this time. Read below!crystal-reading

  1. Obsidian: Volcanic Glass, frequently found in arrowhead form as you can see here. Did you know that up until about 30 years ago, obsidian was used for eye surgery, because it could be sharpened more than steel? I see obsidian as cutting through it all. Making it very clear as to our mission and purpose. Even if you have the big picture, the obsidian can be used to determine the next step. It’s less about having it all figured out and more about being proud of progress. Helps to cut out anything unesecary, static or interferance, so that you can see the truth. Protection from negative psychic energy, because it helps cut cords of attachment to situations and people. If picked this stone, ask yourself, “What am I holding onto that isn’t helping me get where I dream of being?” “What is the truth of the matter?” Listen to what pops up in the brain, either quickly or like a lightbulb later.
  2. Hawaiian Clear Quartz: Sharing energy in a partnership. Not restricted by time, space, or even life and death. Call upon your innate wisdom, maybe something someone shared with you that lit you up. This is the time to dig deep within and find those voices of hope and perseverance. You are always co-creating with the universe. It’s like one big chess game. You move, I move. When we take action, the universe responds accordingly (not proportionately, because we assign value, not the universe.) If you pray to a deity, know that they are always available to share their energy and knowledge with you, all you have to do is ask. It makes it a little easier knowing that something is working for you while you’re sleeping, eating, working… We are never alone. Get together with someone who inspires you, living or dead. <3
  3. Freshwater Pearl: Hard work paying off. Take notice of something you’ve been slaving away at. Look and see how much you’ve accomplished. This is a stone of perseverance and grace. Over time the pearl grows layer by layer. This is a time of new beginnings through the foundation of effort and actual growth. Notice what is working. This could even be a time to reap immense benefits, if you are looking in the right direction. Be vigilant about noticing the beauty and grace in your life. Bask in the sunshine, listen to the birds. Everything happens as it should, because of a dark and treacherous time. Pearls are an irritation to the creature inside of which it grows. Let your irritation guide you to pursue more beauty.
  4. Copper: The metal of the body and blood. The fear level is really high right now. Proverbial blood is being shed all over the internet. This stone wanted so badly to be a part of this reading, because it wants to support the people standing up to save lives. What you are doing IS helping others, whether or not you believe it just yet. This is a sign to believe it! Copper keeps us fresh and refreshed. It inspires youth in the cells because it helps repair and rebuild. Let the copper be the meaning pumping through your veins. Let the power of love and good be your guide, and forget the naysayers (especially the ones in your head!). Your passion and determination will carry you far right now, because you’ve got this extra boost. It’s telling you that you will have the energy to achieve your goals right now. If you feel tired, just remember you have extra reserves when it comes to your joie de vivre!


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All my love and crystal kisses from an everlasting abundance!


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