Because being gluten free and dairy free and processed sugar free doesn’t have to suck.

Alright. I think I’ve been going about this backwards. I always wanted to invent my own recipes (and I still attempt) but now I realize the true value of a tested recipe.

Mostly I was making my own things up because I have dietary restrictions (gluten intolerance-bloating/depression, dairy intolerance – stabbing gut pains, weight gain, depression, sugar sensitivity – anxiety/depression/weight gain/withdrawal headaches, caffeine –i turn into a crazy psycho….)

To some, it just seems as though I don’t know how to have fun and I’m depriving myself constantly. To me, it’s healing my body, knowing when to pay attention to the signs, and most clearly avoiding suffering.

I always said, one day there will be pizza I can eat— AND THERE IS (Daiya is probably my favorite frozen, SunCafe in a restaurant)

I wonder if the same will be for world peace? I KNOW SOMEONE WILL FIGURE IT OUT ONE DAY….

There are also some amazing cheeses out there for your grilled cheese needs CHAO from field roast is my favorite for everything melty/sandwich related, and Vegan Gourmet rocks the mozzarella caprese you’ve been drooling over at family outings to traditional trattorias (me, last night DROOL), and my latest favity fave fave is Miyoko’s Creamery for everything soft cheese you’ve ever wanted. I got the most expensive one in the fridge section for new years, and it was so worth it. I felt like a million bucks for $12.

Those are all things that I’d rather just buy, now that they are *squee* available everywhere almost!

For the things that you just want at home for the sheer comfort, the reason I’m writing this right now, and brought to you by because I was sad and hungry and not getting anything else done, are these wonderful Gluten Free Oat Waffles from Cookie + Kate. These are so easy, and I’ve made them with oil substitutions and they’re still great. As I munch munch on these, I can’t help but also share with you my standby cookie recipe.

I don’t even buy cookies at the store anymore because they just aren’t as good as these. These almond butter chocolate chip from Ambitious Kitchen are so good, my boyfriend (bless him for trying everything I make) really likes them too! Most of the time I leave out the fancy parts and just make and bake the dough. Seriously. Sturdy stand by. Make sure to find an almond butter that isn’t sweetened or salted—- they come out weird, so I just use Trader Joe’s smooth almond butter, raw or not.

You know what the funny thing is about following recipes? My experiemental skills have improved exponentially. For example, this root veggie roast I tried out at thanksgiving a few years ago has become the belle of the ball. My boyfriends aunt’s beg me to make it every year, and this year they separately asked me for the recipe. heheheheh I’ve added potatoes, swapped some of the roots for other veggies, again, Trader Joes saves the day with the pre cut butternut squash, sweet potatoes and beets.

Last but not least, the Paleo surprise that gets me through halloween, and the thing I make over and over again to quell my sweet tooth or to shove something in my face first thing in the morning when I’m in the caloric deficit from sleeping (WHY do I wake up so hungry… is that a metaphor?) are these coconut flour pumpkin bars. I gave these to my uncle who’s been desperately trying to clean up his food act and he loves them! They still have maple syrup in them, but it’s not too much. And hello, it’s not refined cane sugar.

For what ever reason, maple syrup is the only sweetener I can control myself with! Honey, i’m like winnie the pooh….

These are my faves! Do enjoy, and let me know how they turn out for you <3 Becca

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