Take this and call me in the morning.

A few years ago, I was going through some life changes, job changes, pressure pressure pressure. I had moved home for in indeterminate amount of time and everyone was just allowing me to experiment and figure my ish out.

I definitely feel my feelings physically as well as emotionally, and I was having some foot trouble. I had developed plantar fasciitis from wearing too flat shoes, and as my podiatrist would say, stupid clogs with no laces. Many doctor visits and shoe inserts and mandated lace up shoes for months did not go with my outfit aesthetic, but I figured it out. I found some pretty sweet vintage inspired hiking boots to go with all the yoga attire I’d accumulated from a year working for Athleta.

 This helped but it wasn’t the whole solution.

I’m pretty willing to try anything.


To find the solution.

And now, a tour of the interesting outfits compiled during this time. And a cool project I did to see myself clearly, through the eyes of myself and freaking social media. #beccaceveryday

hiking boots 152 hiking boots 153 hiking boots 158 hiking boots 115


Before I moved home, my mom spent a bunch of time on the central coast in big sur and carmel and pacific grove where she made so many friends that I still see regularly. She moved full time back to LA, but I live about 90 mins from all of these wonderful people.

One of the people she met was a yoga teacher in training to be an ayurvedic specialist and Mount Madonna , Jenna Furnari of Whole Body Solution. We set up a skype call, even though we are almost in the same county, and we spoke for 45 minutes about what was going on. She took all kinds of information down about what type of body system I had according to Ayurvedic medicine (A multi-thousand year old indian “food is medicine” practice. Think Eastern Medicine but from India.)

At the end of the call, she didn’t have any stretches or special $200 inserts for my shoes. What she did offer was a special morning tea blend and a practice of self massage. The self massage I’m still working on, but the tea— I drink it every day. I don’t do anywhere overnight without it. Not only does it warm my often low-blood-sugar morning hunger, but it reduces all kinds of inflammation in my body— namely the inflammation in my foot.

She told me to boil fresh turmeric and ginger and add a lemon wedge. Every day.

It went like this:

1) powdered herbs and fresh sliced lemon in boiled water in my teacup, let it sit–but not too long, the lemon would get wayyyyyy sour.

2) chop up fresh ginger and turmeric and lemon at the advice of a yogi friend after I showed him my strange concoction. “NAWWWW you need the real stuff! See how much better you’ll feel!”

3) freeze the ingredients in ice cube trays. It became tedious to do this chopping and cooking every day, so for a while I would freeze the ginger and turmeric in some water in ice cube trays, freeze lemon wedges separately (not above tart-attack). This was awesome, and I didn’t have to do all the work every day.

4) I got smart and found this insanely amazing tea on amazon. Or maybe someone suggested it. Either way, I was looking for a solution with sustainability. Rishi Ginger Turmeric Tea . It’s kind of expensive, but I buy the loose leaf and will put it in a tiny tea pot and use it for two days (sometimes three, but only because I couldn’t remember when I filled it!)

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