…with a grain of salt.

Astrology has been a part of my life since I picked up Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs in my mom’s room. I wondered how this book knew so much about my personality! I am a Gemini – and air sign – ruled by planet Mercury. So I’m super social and can’t pay attention to anything for very long, is this true? (as much as I give it power)

The patterns in the sky are natural progressions of themes of life. Like the seasons can be likened to sections of one’s life. (Spring>Birth, Summer>Young adult/youth, Fall>Autumn, Winter>Maturity) The seasons in the sky talk about larger groups of life, generations of people, how we move as a patterned society.

Just like Summer is for toiling and Winter is for hybernating, the stars guide us in other seasons, celestial seasons. Mercury in retrograde is not mercury in a backspin—gravity just can’t even. It’s a reminder to take some time away from being so focused and give yourself some relief. We can’t just wait all year to take a break, so it happens every few months.

I used to think that the magnetic pull of Mercury was so strong that it pulled on my cells like the moon pulls on water. I’m now certain that isn’t the case and it’s pretty metaphorical, but still important to note the cycle. 

I’ve been so confused since being out of school, because I got really into the idea of working hard, then resting. Until the end of school when I realized I wasn’t taking care of myself at all while pushing hard (Still learning this lesson, hello 30!)

Anyway, these aspects in the sky are not to warn us of impending glory or doom, but just to pay attention to what’s going on around us, because if ever a time for something to happen, maybe in relation to all the other human species patterns, this is the time. Or not the time.

I have no reason to read, listen, or watch these things, other that wanting to dive deeper into self knowing. If I’m upset or need guidance, I’ll turn to astrology. WHAT’s GOING ON UP THERE (I.e. my head lol) But I’ve been into it since I was a kid, and now I use it for any class I’m teaching or for instagram ammo. Here are my top three fave video astrologers.

(Youtube links)

Gregory Scott – tarot, numerology, astrology

Really kind and gentle soul, sharing what comes so naturally to him. He does weekly messages for everyone, he does monthly messages for each sign, and almost every day tarot messages for everyone. He also shares full moon and new moon messages–LOVE it.

Barbara Goldsmith – astrologer and painter

Such a sweet approach, very emotionally connected, and shares her beautifully colorful artwork as well as planetary guidance. She shares monthly messages for each sign, as well as most new and full moons and other aspects of the sky.

The Leo King – youtube videos/facebook live videos/app

David Palmer, aka the Leo King, is really straightforward, but has a great sense of humor. He really grounds all of his concepts in reality, and is such a ball of energy! He makes fun of himself all the time too, with his huge Leo confidence. He shares whatever messages he feels like, but he does have an app and membership site to have daily, more personalized messages. Also, he’s a DJ. WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Astrology Columns

Numinous – A resource for all things sleek and witchy. The creator worked in fashion and couldn’t ignore her calling, was aptly titled Mystic Ruby, and developed this site and newsletter for the minimalist – magicalist -stylephile in us all. Plus she just wrote a book about it 😉

AstroStyle – Magical twin sisters with the celestial connection! They have readings for every sign, for every day, week, month in several categories. They make me feel like a teenager with their excitement and really upbeat readings.

Do you trust astrology? Who do you trust, when it comes to interpretation of the stars?


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