This is the future of history. This is the time we create. These are the moments we live from our infinite hearts.

High grade crystal mala necklaces and one of a kind sterling and crystal rings. The newest addition to the collection is the third eye crown. These are portals for accepting and releasing energy, and can be worn over any chakra. I wear mine over my third eye to open it and allow me to connect to my intuition and most wise self. She is not my taskmaster or inner grandmother moon. She is my partner, my co-creator, and she is the infinite part of me. Find your infinity and #deccorateyourspirit.

These photos were taken at Alviso Adobe Park in Milpitas, CA on the Full Moon in Pisces.

“How did I get so Lucky” T shirt from O’neill Hudson (Contact her directly to order!)

Shoulderless long sleeve top is the OPHELIA SWEATER IN ICE by Rachel Riot

Taupe Infinity Wrap from Rachel Riot the coziest and so classy.

Let it Be Crop Tank from Lucy in Light Indigo

Lace up heart-lace pants from Soto Lifestyle in Studio City.

All wrap pants from Thailand <3


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