40 Days to a Consistent Frog Practice

What is a Frog?

It is a squat type exercise that we do in many kundalini classes to get the heart rate up, and to build some heat in the body. It is also great for removing stuck or blocked energy in the lower chakras that might be preventing you from feeling safe, confident, or productive.  This is different from the static mandukasana we find in a more hatha variety of yoga class, this is a repetitive action pose. Some of the same themes that come up with Mandukasana as well as our frog pose, is stress relief, rotation and circulation of energy through the body and magnetic field, and thigh work! 

Why frogs daily?

It has come to my attention that it is easier to move through my daily emotions when I move my body. Any kind of stuckness I have, the movement creates real change in perspective in my body and mind. The sweat that we will ultimately build up to will physically move our chemical messengers around, to relieve strong emotions and help us better deal with whatever is coming our way.

When I first did these, I was like, uhm this feels uncomfortable and I hurt. The second time, I knew what was coming so I was still afraid.

What I now know is that once you do them, your body knows how! It may depend on the day, how much water or sleep I’ve had to feel good, but we have to remember these exercises are here to grow us. They may not be perfect, and we may not be able to do a bajillion the first day, but the point of this challenge is to confidently achieve this goal!


Enjoy this demonstration video of me in my jammies. Let’s be real, a lot of home yoga is done in the jammies. Also, we don’t need a whole outfit to reach our goals!

The challenge

I’ve created a map to reach the frog mountain, click here to download.

DAILY MAX: Every ten days, this changes to the next interval. Do not do more than the daily max. 

Like so many things, it’s far better to start small that to blow yourself out right at the beginning.

INCREMENTAL GROWTH:  Foundation for proper alignment and technique. 

Whether you are new to this exercise or if you’ve already done hundreds, this challenge is laid out to give us a fun way to achieve this goal, and support steady growth toward other goals you have in your life.

CHOOSE YOUR OWN DAYS: In the table, you’ll notice that there are days where you choose how many you do, you might surprise yourself, or this might be a timely opportunity to take it slower.

SHARING / JOURNALING: On my instagram you will find my progress and some fun videos. If you want me to share your frogs, please tag #108frogchallenge !


Via Spirit Voyage 

Posture Name in English: 

Posture Name in Sanskrit: 

Posture Description:

From a standing position, bring the heels together and turn the feet so the toes are facing outward.  Keeping the heels together, squat down, bending the knees and keeping them spread wide apart.  Drop the buttocks down to the heels.  Bring the finger tips to the floor and raise the head up, face forward.  This is the starting position.

Inhale.  Keep the fingertips on the floor, lift the hips up, straighten the legs and drop the head down, looking at the knees.

Exhale.  Return to the starting position.

Continue, rapidly transitioning from the inhale to the exhale position.

Eyes:   Eyes closed


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DISCLAIMER: Please pay attention to your body. The point of this is to gain some awareness in your body and system, not to totally break yourself. Please have fun and participate at your own risk!



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