This is why I exercise

1. To make some endorphins, because those keep you happy. 

I have to exercise at least every other day, or I’ll start to feel like the clouds are really dark and I never want to get out of bed.

Tell it, Elle Woods!

2. To be amazed by this mechanism of a body that is incredibly impressive when fed the right fuel and given regular maintenance. 

2b. to be amazed by this mechanism of a body, even when it’s not fed the right things and given regular check ups, it’s still really amazing at balancing everything.


3. to feel accomplished, like I took responsibility for my physical and mental health and wellness.

4. to feel hot.

I’ve been told of my beauty my whole life. It’s not that I didn’t believe people, it’s just that I didn’t understand how I had something that I didn’t make or work for. During college I gained a bunch of weight, then started to lose it after, and realized that I am in total control of how I feel about myself.

Whenever we’re sad and people try to cheer us up, it’s not what they say, it’s the tools given to us that empower us to lift ourselves back up.

Oh, we live in a time period where you can basically do anything if you have time or money. I wanted Britney Spears thighs, I’m still working toward them. But she’s got two kids and is still hot. Trainers and nutritionists aren’t just for the wealthy anymore.

But mostly, exercising taught me that I can have what I want if I’m willing to work for it. BSpears thighs or a successful business.

5. to not have to worry about fitting in anything.

If I am consistent and take care of myself and my business, it will take care of me. Also, NEVER feel bad about “not fitting,” women’s sizing is all wonky and subjective. Yeah, men’s size 32= 32″. Try again, ladies dept!

6. to be able to go out, run around, and not worry if i’ll make it out alive.

Sometimes I joke with my mom that we are being chased by mountain lions while hiking. This revs up the internal engine and gives us something to run from. Zombies are also fun to run from, and seeing as the world will end one day, I will be a survivor damnitt. I might not be good at farming or want to kill animals to survive, but i’ll be able to battle a zombie!

7. to build a strong foundation for having kids one day. 

a) “snapping back into shape” as my 6th grade PE teacher Mrs. Harrop said.

It’d be nice to have a strong body to push those watermelons out, and also to be able to run around after them without feeling excruciating exhaustion. But from what I understand, that might not be avoidable. (Shout out to all the mamas!! #MOMBOD)…. #dadbod!

b) to show my future children that they have total responsibility for their health, and that’s amazing! (That’s freedom to me)

c) to hopefully live a long, strong, healthy life to watch them grow into compassionate and kind people (hopefully!)

8. To be able to use my body in service to other people. 

a) helping people move or set up for events (weddings, funerals)

b) Building houses for people in need—definitely carrying and moving tons of donations for people in need!

c) distract me from any other mishaps life might bless me with.

9. To strengthen my mind/body relationship

Through yoga and some strength training, I now know what parts are where, what really hurts like it’s injured, and what hurts good.

Also mindfulness when choosing what to put in my “tank”. I’m not saying exercising made my diet better, but I’m just saying, I had to fill the car premium fuel when I was expecting it to run like a formula 1.

10. To enjoy life! 

I love walking. I think it might be part of my “40 years in the desert” lineage, or it might just be part of “I’ve got too much energy to sit inside, I must see the world”. If I couldn’t comfortably walk for half a day, I would be super sad.

To dance at midnight in the middle of the street, to run after trains in foreign countries, to lug camping equipment…. this list goes on!

It's more than working out, I need to find my perfect fit.


Why do you exercise? Why don’t you? I’d love to hear from you, please leave me a message in the comments area below 🙂

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