Being inspired by so many things, I find style sources everywhere.

I just don’t want guidance on how to express myself. Is that rude?becca story

In response to these articles on stacking rings, because I’m currently–okay, I’ve always been obsessed with rings.

They give a bunch of pointers, but I think to reveal your true style, you’ve got to make choices by wearing what speaks to you or what has some deep meaning.


death by jewelsI had an art teacher who refused to hear what you had to say if it started with “I just like it”
That’s not a reason. That’s an opinion. Why do you like it? What is it about it that you love so much? What about it moves your emotions around in your hear? What’s the story?? I feel the same way about getting dressed/putting on jewelry.

 When I get dressed, and more specifically when I put jewelry on, its about what each of those pieces means individually. Its almost like, I pretend its my last day on earth, why wouldn’t I want to wear all of my favorite things? We don’t get dressed up and go out all fancy so much in this time period (Downton Abbey, anyone?), so why not make every day a party? Why wait to take the cocktail rings out for the special occasions?

I wear certain pieces because they belonged to my mom or grandmother, and they make me feel stronger when I have them on. Their life and story gives them life on my body, and I can tell people the cool stories that go with!

It’s SO impbecca stackortant to remember where you came from, and learn from those who came before you!

I wear some pieces because I made them, and they remind me of my accomplishments! And that helps me move forward on projects. If I can see what I’ve done and where I’ve come from, then I feel like I can achieve anything.
Some of them remind me of a mindset I want to keep all the time. Like the ring that says “magic” to remind me to believe and have faith that life is magical and I create my destiny!

The nose from verameat is to keep a sense of humor, and to remind me of a trip I went on, where I stayed in a stinky railroad apartment/gallery in Brooklyn, across from a discount store that sold the President’s scent on an incense stick…

When I buy rings to stack, they have to fit comfortably with the other rings I’m already wearing. I just don’t see a limit to how many rings I can wear! I take a good portion of them off when I exercise, because that’s hazardous, but like I say about additional earring holes, it’s like I’m dressed all the time when I have the rings on and the earrings in. Effortless personal style!

The interwoven details of each ring, and the story that each one of them tells is priceless. A lot of them are hand-me-downs, and I see so much love in that. So much history.hillary stack

So, you can pick a theme that means something to you, like all under the sea things. And that’s great! If it means something to you. All of the stories you tell are pieces of you. All of the parts of your outfit or jewelry style is a direct representation of you! What do you honestly want people to know about you? Do you want them to know you make a ridiculous amount of money and can buy your style (by letting designers do it for you?) Or, do you want to create your own destiny and have heart and soul in your physical embodiment? (Go ahead and wear that slimy, warm, and consistent ticker on your sleeve!)Image-1

The secret to timeless style is wearing things from your heart.

I feel like a kid when I put all my rings on, like I’m playing dress up. That was what prepared me for grown up life, except none of us are actually princesses ruling kingdoms (well…)

This goes for my closet too. Everything I wear has a story. Whether it was a great sale find, or I found it in the middle of the desert. Either way, there is a story that I hunted for!

The stories we hear change us, the stories we tell make us.

Here is a blogger  who felt uncomfortable showing off her engagement ring, but figured out how to style it to make it part of her accessory arsenal. I like it!earring stack


How do you chose the jewelry you wear? Do you like wearing a lot or a little? 

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