This is a very emotional moon with a high tide. Not the time to make decisions but to feel. It is a time where you feel like you want to take stock, and you want to make changes that are more aligned with your feelings, your heart. It’s a great time to dive into those intense emotions because the moon is brightly shedding light, and when you do have to make that big decision, you will have a solution that is 100% yours.

So! I’ve decided that we need some heart opening/softening supporting stones. GREEN! (It’s also my favorite color, so it always comes out 😉 )

Pick the stone that you are attracted to for any reason. Trust you! Which one calls out?Full moon in Cancer crystal scope

Garnet1) Garnet – January Birthstone – Regeneration is the word. This is a stone that magnifies abundance, it slices limitations, growing new pathways to overcome. It is especially helpful for repairing any kind of history of financial trouble, because it shows opportunity. It is beneficial for replacing outmoded systems, all about growth! What’s going on within you that needs some regeneration? What can you ease up on to send loving energy to an area that is ready to grow? Plants will continue to send energy to dead leaves, even though they aren’t alive. This is why we prune and trim plants, and pull dead leaves off. There are little buds that are ready to grow, little areas of potential that are ready, that have the spark within them, but they aren’t getting the energy supply, the nourishment. What are some areas that need to be trimmed in your life because they are just taxing and weighing? Sometimes when we want to change our behavior, we resist because we don’t want to believe that we will be happy without it. I wanted to quit eating sugar, but I had to make sure I had a back up for when I wanted to eat sweets, so I knew I was satiating my urge as well as thouroughly enjoying myself. No one wants diet ice cream, but if your replacement has vital nutrients, then you will be more satisfied, and your body will be happier. Long-winded way of saying, whatever you want out of your life, lovingly release it because you know you wont be missing out but you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor. Use your energy where it will be efficiently used, not where it will be taking away from the incredible possibilities. “I know how to use my energy efficiently!” Raw Emerald

2) Emerald – Cancer Sign Stone – This is the stone of loving cooperation. It brings all the heart-talents and innate skills to the table, to be used in conjunction with others. This is a time of high emotions, but when we share our love with others, we are using it for the greatest good. It’s not about sweeping the emotions under the rug, it’s about using them to their full potential. If you didn’t get enough during the holidays, now is the time. Now is the time to release emotionally by bringing your huge heart to the table, to be with others who want to create more love in the world. You will all have high emotions, but it will propel you. Love is the key to not smoothing, but lubricating the journey. hahaha. “When I listen to my heart, I am contributing to the generation of a renewable resource.” Do your part, listen to your heart. (I love emerald, it really speaks to me, and it’s been making itself known lot in my world—-I had a lot of emerald come up in readings at the Local Color x Be the Change Yoga event last weekend. Don’t worry, there will be more!)



3) Adventurine – the excitement of an adventure. A navigation officer for your personal ship when the waters get choppy and we have to make some last minute decisions. I watch a lot of shows that have to do with magic, time travel and manipulation of what we would classify as actual planetary rules. In these shows, they have to trust their instincts a lot, even in outer space! These decisions don’t line up with logic or proportion, and we just have to trust that our heart knows what will help us survive. The brain is the organ that usually helps us determine how we will make it out alive, but sometimes you can’t shake that “feeling” and your heart is screaming out for you. Sometimes these decisions don’t make any sense but feeling right–and that’s okay. For example, I was watching a show were it was revealed that this magician had already tried to beat his nemesis 39 times, and every time he died. His professors knew this, and had to try to change something every time, in hopes that this time in history, it would be just enough to get this guy to conquer the evil man. Sometimes it’s little decisions of the heart that allow us to truly release what we think is the right way, and actually try something new, that will push us forward. PHEW!  “My heart gives me life, it teaches me to choose a loving life.”


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