I really wanted to write about togetherness and family, but I feel like we’re all being hit over the head with that as well as everyone’s obligations and expectations. So I wrote about something else. Release what is not you. Finally. For the last time. hehehe

This full moon just so happens to fall on my half birthday – Dec 13!

This is the best time, in the year of 2016, as the last full moon, to fully celebrate and embrace the year we’ve just had. Celebrate how far we’ve come, and to release what is “SO 2016” so that we can be 2017 already! Guess what, that also means that we can shed what we thought was our own skin, if you will, and begin to dance with your true self to create a year ahead that you determined. YOU DO YOU!

Being the last moon of the year, we can say we are standing in a gateway, but truly, every moment is a gateway, this one just so happens to gravitationally pull on all of us. Let what truly lights you up, pull you through to the new year. Spend some time dreaming about what could be. Paint with your mind’s eye, infinite possibilities are born here.

CO-Create with the universe. When you take action, so does the universe. Give some physical substance to anchor your dreams in your waking reality.






1 – FLUORITE: My heart seriously beats for this stone. This is an almost completely green variety with some purple streaks. To be honest, I didn’t believe it was a fluorite until I could see beyond the insane rainbows that dance within this stone. When I first picked it up, all I could see was two forms -neon-style- kissing when I tilted it in the light. Among other rainbow forms, this was such a cheery message to either, kiss and make up, or to celebrate with a kiss. Not all of us have someone to plant one on, but I think it’s especially important to give yourself a kiss sometimes. It’s something I find to be so special when shared with my partner, and it was all I wanted to do as a kid. It makes us feel good, it sends warm wonderfulness throughout the body! Now, when I’m rolled in a ball in yoga class, I’ll kiss my knee tips as they reach my face, because how often do I thank them for EVERYTHING they do and support me in doing? Fluorite helps spark the imagination that resides in the heart. It brings a calmed focus to the process of creativity, especially when we have certain thought patterns or behaviors that we know we’ve outgrown. It’s a kiss on the forehead from the earth mama that says, go do what you need to do, I’ll be here holding down the fort.

img_1653 2 – CLEAR OBSIDIAN: When I saw this I almost didn’t believe my hands or eyes. I was like, nawwww this is just glass! It is volcanic glass! Normally found in browns and blacks, this obsidian has a higher silica (nearly solely) content that makes it the same as clear quartz crystal- But it doesn’t grow like a crystal, it cools extremely rapidly. Typically, black obsidian is used for protection. It absorbs bad vibes and helps us get on with our business. If you’re feeling stuck, this crystal will help you find motivation, get you moving, find the missing piece of the puzzle, or it will encourage you to press on even without all the details. Life is a moving train, even on planet earth, death is not stillness, but an entirely different set of processes. What are you waiting for to move on? What do you see as an obstacle, and can you actually work around it? Nothing is hidden with this stone, especially in the clear variety. Allow it to make clear the next steps in the path, or whatever is in the way. Listen gently, it could be spot on!


3 – PEACOCK ORE: Not only is this particularly gorgeous and naturally occurring, it clears all the chakras and is called the chakra stone. It realigns and adjusts all the chakras with the spiritual and mental bodies as well, in a very gentle way. I love that it grounds excess energy and enhances intuition related to ancient knowledge. It is for remembering things that this body never knew, but the soul did! It brings us to a place of universal knowing. A place that doesn’t care what you look like, or what your title is. It strips away all that is not based in love and re calibrates the truth of your eternal heart and soul. Helps relieve doubt and feelings of lack. You are enough. In every way, you are enough. Nothing you do will make you more than you are right now in this very moment. Every day is your day. <3


Thanks so much for reading! I love to hear about your experience and if you have questions! Please leave them in the comments below or send me an email becca@beccacuellar.com <3

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