Stability. Trust in Foundations. What is good.

The crystals this week were really insistent, like, I wanted to take some times to choose ones that I hadn’t already IG’d… But they wanted to be studied. So here you go!

This is the Buck full moon. When the young male deer burst into adulthood. Their antlers begin to peek through the velvety knobs atop their heads. They don’t choose to experience this growth, but they use it to catapult them into their full potential.

When change occurs before we know we are ready. Life moves us so we can learn, what comes naturally to us in the key.

No more time for shame, but to give love to that part. Giving love to even the things we don’t like, is like watering your plants.They have a chance to reach toward the sun, bloom flowers, give fruit or maybe long enough to get burnt out when they are mature enough to seed. (I love nature metaphors… we are of this earth too!)

Allow your nature to take you to the next level– catapult you to the future you dream of.

Using your greatest desires as your compass, highlight what truly supports you in this moment. What has happened to get you here? What was a blessing in disguise?

Taking stock of what you have now is how we move forward, not dwelling on what we don’t.

Pick one of the crystals below and scroll down to find the reading.

Happy Full moon! Be proud of what you’ve accomplished 🙂





#1 SELENITE: Not until I released my previous selenite (to wherever it ended up) did this one fall into my lap. Selenite is really about giving your fears and worries to the angels. Knowing that you are creating your reality with the thoughts you think and the words you speak. Practice loving kindness towards things that don’t work out. Something else is always in the works. When you listen to your heart, it will tell you it is proud, and you are enough. <3








#2 BISMUTH: That rainbow tho! Everything about this time is telling me to truly cherish what I have. When we are constantly making excuses because we don’t have something, we are reinforcing that belief in our minds and bodies. When we focus on what is good, things are good. When we focus on what we have, we become even more creative, and build new neural pathways for problem solving. There is always a way!








#3 SHUNGITE: This is a beautiful diamond in training. Carbon and Silicon (quartz), the same basis for our bodies and life on this planet. This stone is so soothing and cooling like cucumber water. It’s a breath of fresh air when everything feels sour. The real reminder is that this feeling is always accessible from within. If you stop for a moment and shut your eyes, feel the stillness, feel the fresh air, create the whirlwind of spaciousness around you to filter what feels right.



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