Last week I got to visit Isharya, a way cool Indian and California glam fusion jewelry brand, at their headquarters in San Jose, CA. (Living in Silicon Valley means living next door to some seriously cool stuff and never knowing it!)


Beautiful disaster

In case you didn’t know it (or maybe I rediscover this every day) I just love rings.

I tried on exclusively rings, but there were such gorgeous cuffs and neclaces, body chains, and chain crowns. (I think I might have to come back for more!!) The thing I love is that all of the pieces have stories. The designs are based on people, places, animals, just about everything from sunny California to the mystical India.

They have so many wonderfully baubly things, but I’m more of a one-giant-cocktail-ring-a-hand and stacking rings kind of person. My historical bauble numbers went out the window when I saw all of these gorgeous things. My inner maharani was totally exposed, but well-tempered with my natural boho sensibilities.

First we went through and looked at everything, and it wasn’t long before I found pieces that truly spoke to me and lit me up. Actually, the first ring I tried, I would never have picked that out on my own, but I loved it so much! I also did some research on the website beforehand and found some pieces that I just love to death. Might have to purchase some things…..!!!

First, my faves, then the BeccaStyleMashUp….! Green_Louvre_Stackable_Ring_by_ISHARYA_Jewelry_R1469_02_356a__73704.1405420655.1280.1280

The Green Lourve Stackable ring… okay, and maybe the orange one too… I love the way the light shines through them. They are slick and shiny and perfect, but have undulating movement. I found them very retro seventies, and I’m way into that right now. (I am encouraging them to make a fine jewelry version of this so I can wear it as a wedding band one day. In fact, I want all of these things to be fine, so I can wear them day in and day out and my skin acid won’t eat the plating…)R1460_02_710b__70186.1405428617.1280.1280

Second fave, but first on, the Royal Filigree band ring. This thing is gorgeous because it echoes architecture, but is so light and dainty. The pattern isn’t hard to see because it’s two bands with some styled wire between, so lots of air for the finger to show through. In my case, my henna showed through! Filigree_Spoke_Tube_Ring_by_ISHARYA_R1506_02_710a__44259.1418426728.1280.1280

Third fave: Filigree spoke tube ring. I love this one because it’s not a complete circle, which I find to be really innovative for rings, and pretty on trend right now. It’s super light and has a really interesting side and top profile. Again, light filigree so you don’t feel weighed down, but the detail is still there.

Oops, they’re all stacking rings….


On to the cocktail baubles which I tried to make comfortable on my hands with the rings I already absorbed into my being. (love love love)

Untitled design (10)I think the coolest part about all these cocktail rings is that they are old styles like art deco, or ancient designs in filigree from India, or a classic American gemstone look, but they are mixed and morphed with colors and stones and resin! Or, they are a non traditional shape with traditional motif. I love the way they combo old and new, east and west.

Top L: Deco Mirror Statement Ring Totally drawn to the bold but dainty shapes on this one. It reminds me of all the antique engagement rings that are so hot right now, but has the cocktail party ring feel which just results in resounding opulence. Sharp shapes and smooth edges FTW.

Top R: Green Malachite Goddess Gold Strip Resin Ring I just recently became obsessed with the undulative swirls found in malachite. I went to a gem show last week and fell in love with all the incarnations of this magical stone. In this case, the stone is surrounded by a gold filigree octagon, and the part that goes around your finger is gold and clear resin. The resin invokes a kind of retro feel, warming up the goddessy nature and bringing it back down to earth for a sixties feel. Bravo!!

Bottom L: Croc Scale Ring.  This was a funny conversation, because I learned that we don’t have naturally ocurring croc’s here in the USA, but we have Alligators… America…Alligators… Alliteration helps! I’m so down with the texture of this ring. It feels pretty badass while being sparkly and gold. I felt like I was tough enough to battle a croc myself!

Bottom R/Insert:

Top L, White Hampi ring. Quite architectural with bling of mirror and white resin to keep clean and sleek in gold.

Top R: Amethyst Pyramid Luxe Ring. This too is made with resin and gold plated brass, but is so incredibly gaudy in the best way. It’s huge, but doesn’t sparkle to kill. I loved the heavy feeling on my hand and how modern and simple it is–even more in purple!

Bottom L: Green Amazonite Goddess Pyramid Ring I loved this because of my love of rocks. Amazonite is supposed to make everything feel calm like you’re floating down the river, so I’m always drawn to it’s placid light blue green. This one is pretty spectacular because it feels like a power ring, like you ARE a goddess invoking the ocean/water/river spirits.

Bottom R: Filigree Spoke Triangle Ring.  I put this on immediately when I saw it, but as a claw! A week or two ago, I saw some cool fingertip claws on pinterest and asked a friend to make her nails look like that–so she could later teach me! I then shifted it down and asked if it’s sometimes worn as a midi, making it even more claw like! Then my friend who was showing me around told me they sent that ring to Rhianna! (I love her ring style, she wears so much and it warms my heart. lol! #ringfever ?)

Not Pictured: Filigree Spoke Stacking creeper, super dainty and saucy. And that big bauble on my R index, well, that’s an old season, but it was gorgeous in Labradorite and that stone has been following me around for a while!

It’s time for the big reveal! What did I do with all of these? (like, 10 rings, I know!)



Isharya is available online at and many other retailers worldwide including one of my faves,






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