New moon in Cancer crystal reading!

(This is my first time doing this how fun!)

Pick whichever stone calls to you. Let it be what it is. Comment and let me know which one is whispering or shouting out to you! Readings are posted—- scroll through to find yours 🙂

This reading brought to you by dried lavender buds, the elusive Sunday nap, and Deva Premal’s Om Shree Rama that’s been on repeat in my head all day.

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This is all about partnerships. Recognizing where your skills and talents are best used in conjunction with someone else’s completely different abilities. Emerald brings together the best parts of people, so they can find the core of the matter and build on it together. It’s not even about being amazing at something, it’s about coming together and growing together.


IMG_89422: CALCITE. This baby is sunshine. Just sunshine all the time. Plus look at all that cool interesting formation- so you spot the rainbows? This is like your morning coffee. This is motivation. Whatever you’re stuck on, do it. Do one thing that gets you closer, and you don’t even have to finish it. Just start. When your heart wishes, we must oblige, and it doesn’t care how much you actually accomplish as long as you start. It’s in your cells, it’s in the atoms in your body that once belonged to the sun. You’ve got this. 


IMG_8937 (1)3: PYRITE. This one jumped out to me and really wanted to be a part of this. It was like, find me- I have motion for you! I didn’t even know which other stones I wanted today, but knowing the first one was enough to move the energy that moved my body. Find something to be excited about. If you aren’t, plan something. Even if it’s little. Like, treating yourself to coffee or a mani pedi or taking the long scenic route home. Time to truly enjoy things that you do for and with yourself. Plan some time to get to know yourself so you can better share this real self with others. I pulled a Gabby Bernstein Miracles Now Deck and it said ” My positivity leaves a powerful impression on the world.” Be you, it’s necessary.




Please let me know in the comments below if this in any way helpful. 


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