I have to admit, it took me a while to settle down and get into this reading. I had the first two stones lined up, and I was looking for a third. Finally hematite showed itself to me, and although the aesthetics weren’t completely aligned for my instagram, the message was loud and clear.

Consider your deepest wishes and desires. Don’t just consider them, ask them how to be what it is you truly desire to be!

When they tell you, use those dreams as a baseline of feeling warm and fuzzy. This is the energy of life, guiding you. It is life force, chi, the spirit within. It is love, and it is never ending and it only gives of itself to create more– therefore a totally sustainable energy source.

When “out on a limb” for your thoughts, feelings, dreams, desires and emotions, it’s so necesary to come back to the body. To come home to a place that is comfortable amidst many feelings of change and instability. Time to recharge those batteries to prepare for the results of all the hard work.

Trust in yourself and your instincts. You’ll know when it’s fear talking and when it’s your heart talking when you take the time to ask them in a calm and stable place. That way, you know how to recall when you truly need their guidance.


<3 Becca
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fluorite crystal reading1)  Fluorite: Fluorite is a stone of massive connection. It aligns spirit and mind, and your expression of your inner workings. It’s asking for clarity in a situation. Often we don’t know what to do, or who to ask. After a while, it becomes taxing asking others and not really finding the answers that just yell “AHA!” So this is a time to ask within. It’s a time to say, “Head, heart, Spirit, with your powers  combined (hehehe) What is the lesson here, what is the big picture, or how can I best serve the world with my perspective?”




citrine crystal reading2) Citrine: Did you know that citrine is a stone that doesn’t need to be cleared or cleansed? It is used to transform, without absorbing. That’s kind of an amazing ability… When it shines it’s clearing light on others, it’s radiance does not diminish. Which is why this is a great stone for happiness and joy. It disburses that negative energy with belief in positive outcomes. I’ve realized that when I hold a vision that feels really warm and fuzzy for me, I am surprised by what happens. By having the best intentions, and setting our sights on feeling happy, we create a baseline for ourselves to be felt later. Find a reason to be happy, find the best part of the scenario, and focus on that warm feeling. This is a hugely beneficial skill to nurture. That’s right, a skill. The only way to find your positivity is to consciously choose to feel it. Here is your permission slip to feel happy by generating your own joy. xoxo

hematite crystal reading

3) Hematite: A.k.a. the blood stone, made of iron and rusty when oxygenated, like our blood!  This is for mega grounding. If you’re like me, and into crystals, we can get a little floaty and spend time “out there” rather than inside. Hematite harnesses the energy of the earth and the spirit to come together within you. It has a settling effect, allowing you to see your thoughts in a more organized manner, soothing the all-over-the-place kind of feelings.  It’s like, “come on home and take a break. Climb back down your tether and reconnect with your true essence.” When we plant our roots, we can grow taller and wider. Being “out there” all the time leaves little space for getting the support system in place. This is the simultaneous holding on and letting go that human life demands, but it a gentler way. It holds onto us so we can freely release all the excess “shoulds” and expectations that have no foothold. What’s truly important to you? What is your support that you can always lean back on. I AM ALWAYS SUPPORTED.


Let me know if/how this resonated with you in the comments below, I love to hear what comes up for you all!

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