From what I understand, this moon is all about enjoying what is already awesome in your life, in order to truly appreciate the new awesome that is always around the corner. It is a refreshing period of time after what ever (the hell) last month was. Between a bunch of eclipses and Mercury in retrograde, we were certain to let go of a lot. Whether it was perceptions of ourselves or other people, the lesson was, “If it doesn’t totally make your heart sing, it’s not for you” which is cool, because that also means that whatever you let go, someone else can use and possible TOTALLY enjoy.

Done are the times of just having something for the sake of having something.

My mom and I love shopping, and we’ve been collecting clothing for as long as I can remember. (We talked about it on my mom’s podcast this week!) I had a bunch of things that I wanted out of my closet, because they didn’t ever end up getting worn, no matter how awesome they were. But I was really hesitant as to where I wanted them to go. So they sat in my trunk all summer. Finally, I threw my hands up and asked the angels, “What do I do with these things that are so precious?” And the angels certainly delivered to me. I was introduced to a RAD couple, who run a company called The Thrift Mission. What you don’t see on their insta is that they are incredible vintage treasure hunters, and they travel the country to find the coolest items to sell. I was smitten, and I gave them everything in my trunk! I felt so good knowing that the proceeds when to helping the homeless and seeing the customers faces when they found their wardrobe stable— I gave them that gift! WHOA!

So, that old adage “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” pretty vibey for this month of September, so that we can start anew, with so much love in our hearts for Libra season.

(Let’s be real though, I knew they were all treasures, but they weren’t my treasures anymore….!)

Onto the crystal reading!

Pick the crystal that draws you closer, and read it’s message below.


image2Rose Quartz: “There is no limit to the amount of joy and prosperity in your life” Now that we’ve let go of what wasn’t working, we can see what is truly functional, supportive, and true to our dreams and hearts.This is such a sweet time to enjoy life. To embark on things that make you truly happy, but also to see the best possible outcome of situations that might seem scary. When I worry about things, they just get worse, so I tried not worrying for once, and it seems as though life moves on but the tension in your body is released instead of compounded. We have to believe in every one of our cells that we are unlimited, and that what our hearts say is true!

clear quartz


Clear Quartz: Thank goodness we are out of that murky Mercury Rx. Now is the time to see all the possibilities that our fear was blocking us from seeing, feeling, sensing. When we get to the root of the matter, we can see that it’s never about the other person, it’s always about our opinion. What happens if you drop your opinions and only hold love for them in your heart? It’s not about controlling your feelings, it’s about seeing the true story. Clear quartz is perfect for sending energy. Close your eyes and imagine your vibes travelling through the crystal, as if you were to blow a kiss directly to the recipient–whether you know them or not. You won’t know if they received it, but doesn’t it feel good to wish people well? As Guru Jagat says, Prayers for others are the best return on investment”. Sure you can pray for yourself all day, but you have the ultimate say in what you do and experience in life, so send someone who doesn’t feel their power some juice and see what happens.Want new friends and experiences, send your love out there through thought.



Jade: What a happy stone! In eastern practices, it is revered for longevity. It also helps removed any lasting guilt or shame. Had a bad September? Now is the time to let the jade lift your spirits, and leave the muck behind. Think about what truly makes you happy, maybe do a little research (take some action in the direction of those dreams) and you will magnetize those experiences to your life. I’ve decided to stop saying what I don’t want. I feel like that’s counterproductive. I will only say what I want if I have an action to take with it— even if it’s tiny! Let’s say I want to join a health-conscious social group, I will look one up on the internet, and follow some leaders on IG. By taking the action, you are meeting the universe halfway. You are bringing those ideas and energies into your life, closer to yourself.




Thanks so much for reading! I love to hear your feedback, never hesitate to email me or leave a comment.

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