This Sagittarius season is all about connecting. I feel like I might say that a lot because it’s super relevant for me right now. But we live in a time where everyone is connected to each other through the internet, but maybe not in person. This is the time to be the best you in all situations, especially around other people. But not like, in a superior way. Being kind and thoughtful when making decisions. Consulting your heart, and taking the time to choose. Sometimes we feel forced into a choice, but when you know what’s right for you, you know. And the more you live with certainty and trust in yourself, the more you will be an example to others who have trouble defending their own journey on this planet.


Enjoy, my loves, it’s all part of the plan.


Pick the Crystal that calls to you, and read on to absorb the message. <3



img_1510¬†Tumbled blue moonstone: Excellent timing for this stone of new beginnings. Moonstone is most powerfully used on a full moon, but I think that used for a new moon it strengthens the relationship of the cyclical nature of things. This is a time for a fresh start, a fresh perspective. New moons are always a good time to begin building up to something, but in this case it’s like a clean slate. Maybe take a look at how your relationships with people could benefit from a fresh perspective. ¬†This stone in particular, being named for the moon, can encourage a soft and feminine approach to something that has been rigid or feeling forced. There are a million and one possibilities for any situation, allow what you dream of to guide you in your decision making process. What feels like a “yes please!” option, vs “I have no other choice”. As Marie Forleo says, “Everything is figure-out-able.”


Lepidolite: This is the ultra soothing stone. It brings a calm to any kind of situation that could be perceived as tumultuous, painful, or overwhelming, it is highly recommended for anxiety. Whatever situation you’re in, remember that it is to grow your highest good. This stone is used for dream recall in a way that gives some space between you and some things that can be jarring. I’m always wondering what the reason or lesson is in a situation, and this helps soften the blow. When you can’t separate yourself, or are so immersed, we sometimes can’t see any solution. But as someone pointed out to me, we have to choose to flip the light switch on if we want to not trip over things in the dark. We have to equip ourselves with a lighting system in order to navigate sometimes murky waters. Find the light in the situation, it will serve you until infinity.



Smokey Quartz: I can’t get enough of this stone right now. And potatoes because my shaman friend told me they are super grounding- duh! Everywhere we look, there are reminders of our power, divinity, and connection. To the earth, other humans, and most importantly to ourselves. All we have to do is call upon it. Spend some time deciding what you stand for. Spend some time thinking about all the things that make you feel totally alive and connected to the planet. Then make plans to do these things as much as possible. We have a constant connection, if we choose to see it and support it.

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