I like to hike. I used to hate it, but now I like it.

(It’s currently rainy and muddy, so I miss it even more.)

However, something I’ve noticed on my walks or hikes is the movement of water and earth. When it rains, the seemingly solid earth melts. It erodes away, moves farther from it’s origin. The strength of the current is so overwhelming, it goes with the flow.

I am fascinated by the movement of water on earth, but even more fascinated by the idea that we, as individuals, are tiny earths, walking about on earth. We have white blood cells that are on the scene when there’s trouble. We have the brain, sending electricity to the heart that pumps the blood, carries the nutrients along our inner highways.

I see the pathways the water has cut into the earth. Some straight and narrow, some wide with wanderlust. I took as much geology as I could in school, and I learned that water moves in a way that it most efficient. What’s the fastest way to get from point A to point B? A straight line. If the hill is steep, or if its craggy, the water will find the way to get where it’s going. That is, when it is acted upon by gravity–an external force.

On the other hand, when there is no gravity, the water will wander back and forth like a snake. Still being as efficient as possible, but it will go here and there just because it has the luxury of time. It doesn’t know time, so it doesn’t adhere.

I think about my trail as my journey through life. Some days I drag my feet out the door, some days I am SO ready to go. When I get there, it’s uphill. I can choose to feel defeat, or I can choose to step up to the challenge. (I love uphill, btw, so if that isn’t a metaphor…..) I doubt my body’s strength, did I eat enough? Did I eat too much? Did I bring enough water for this? How about I just go and find out. The unknown is the scary part, why not investigate?

Why am I even talking about this? Where did it come from?IMG_6386

Well, I was hiking on my own and noticed in the center of the path, there was not one, but many indications of water flow. They weren’t all the same path…. Which was confusing because they crossed and meandered with each other. The ground must be more interesting than I can see with my eyes. But wait. They all end up in the same place.

Some people are straight and narrow. They have laser sight when it comes to moving forward.

Some people get distracted and take a detour. They also have laser sight, but it’s not about moving forward.


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The “Straight and Narrow” is the center line, that goes through it all.

That funny looking symbol is the wavelength. Some people have a shorter wavelength with high frequency and go here and there and everywhere. Some people are like big ships, that take a while to turn, so maybe their wavelength is longer and less frequent.

In any case, we all have different vibrations and that’s okay. Take your time when you want to. Learn as much as you can through your personal human experience.



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