This week has seriously been so incredible. I’ve been making decisions to do all the things I’ve always wanted to do, I almost feel as if I’m getting a second chance at the way I approach life…

Like, I’m out of school age, my twenties are coming to a close, saturn is returning for me, I’m finally making decisions based on what I want, vs. how it will make other people feel about me. I am still kind to everyone I meet, but when someone asks me what I want, I tell them. I don’t bother trying to please other people anymore-it’s my life.. (in a Gwen re-do kind of way…)

And the coolest part is that I haven’t been thinking about money. I’ve been trying to compile all the ways I love to have fun that don’t cost money, or that are simple pleasures. Hanging out with friends and walking around, trying new gyms, talking to all sorts of new people. It’s not even the end of January (as I write this) and this year is already exciting and exhausting. But for the first time in a long time, I am stoked and I can get up in the morning. I mean, maybe my PMS has worn off, or maybe I’m not having too much soy… but really, I feel as though I’m finally making decisions–not letting life just happen.amazing every day

SO- I got invited back to FAT, because my friend works there and (obv.) wants me to sign up so we can see each other more and because she believes in her gym. I’ve always done really well when I take suggestions from friends who are super passionate. So, today I gave it another go, but with a different mindset. Rather than “I feel fatter/skinnier/stronger than the other people, I was critically taking in all that FAT was today. I was interviewing them, rather than letting them tell me what I want. (I got invited back to another workout place within 24hrs of this decision, and you can find that post HERE-when I go back and experience another week of yoga-and I’m really hoping taking the more advanced classes will help me distinguish this studio from the others.)

I watched this episode of American Dad last night, well, a few, one of them was about Stan being anorexic/body dismorphic and working out too much (Please tell me when I’m too skinny….) and the other was about Stan being had by a car dealer, even though he’s the top terrorist negotiator, and what happens when even the best are bested. All of this informed my workout today! LOL!!!!life is my teacher


Studio: Fast Action Training (round two-I got another free class because my friend teaches there!)

Class Taken: 830am strength class

Slow to start, nice warm up that actually made my body and muscles warm, “that was the warm up?!” Lots of different moves to target different body areas, but mostly to keep my brain distracted. The moves weren’t all super hard, but they were just long enough to keep me from wondering when it was over! I got a misting of sweatiness, but I definitely wasn’t drenched like orange theory or the cult classes. Like I said, very kind bunch, very wholesome. This classroom was a big open space so it’s easier for the teacher to move around and check and see everyone, and the teachers are that active and attentive.

There is nothing extremist about this place. I was one of a few young people, it was mostly middle aged men and women. The music was okay, it’s like going to a nail salon. Like, relaxed club or pop. Then *Nsync came on “PoP” and I was stoked! But that’s my generation, I don’t know if that’s really a hype song or one that’s really motivating in general, like pharrell’s “happy” (which came on later…. color me surprised…)

They have a lot of events and challenges for their clients because they are a weight loss focused gym. Although, my friend is a strength-focused person, so I respect that approach, as it’s more in line with my goals. I really don’t want to lose anymore weight. I want to be a strong as I can as a non-body builder.

My friend taught this particular class today and she says I could pop in 2-3 days a week in addition to my own practice.

Will I go back? Still undecided. The price is still high, even if I got a buddy deal. So I’ll stick to free classes or if there is a special “masters” class that sounds fun to me.

sidenote: I am still sore from orange theory two days ago, so I think that made today’s workout harder for me. But. Two coached leg days? Lucky me!

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