I have to try everything once to have an opinion. Sometimes I think I like something and get sucked in. Sometimes someone calls into my soul from the outside and I see the light.

I can't help my curiosity, but i think it's not a bad thing.

So I was about to quit my gym full of barbies and brainwashing, but I felt like I needed to find something before I quit because I didn’t want to have a gap. I was obsessed with exercising and didn’t want to lose what I had going.

I was afraid of gaining the weight back. Like, seriously afraid.

Why? I was getting so many compliments from everyone, and I really wanted this to be a real lifestyle change. I was thinking about what all the people who’ve seen me change would think, they’d think i’m weak and I can’t do it alone. It’s okay to ask for help, but this gym wasn’t giving me the space to learn to do it on my own, they wanted me to be completely dependent on them for all of my fitness/nutrition/spiritual needs. And when one of the trainers went on TV talking about apple cider “vinaigrette” being the cure all, I knew it was my time to go. MISINFORMATION STATION. (The real stuff here.)apple cider vinegar

I just couldn’t go to the gym I was going to any longer. I was planning as using it as a jumping off point, but it really sucks you in and they want you to dedicate so much time. I was shirking my own work responsibilities by working out with them. That’s bad!

Time for something new

I tried out this place where my friend works, she wanted to convert me from the extremist work out to a sustainable and friendly environment. Thanks Ally! 

Dec (3rd maybe?) 2014

Fast Action Training, Campbell, CA

First impressions

It was one big open room with crazy equipment lining the walls, and trx things hanging from the ceilings, small cubbies for personal items at the rear of the room.

The trainer (and co-owner/founder) was really friendly and energetic, a la Brad Pitt’s character in burn after reading .

The whole place was super clean, didn’t smell bad (amazing!) and actually had a scent of cleaner…

Class taken: Bootcamp, 630am

(Let it be known that I had never taken boot camp up until now because I was afraid….uhm…)

Some gentle warm up things I hadn’t done since high school band, but I was glad we stretched before really getting into it. But really, it was all great exercise, I just didn’t get as sweaty as I usually do during a class I like to take.

I had some moments like, “This is way easier… am I really getting my money’s worth?” “Wow! I’m good at this, I must be way stronger than before!” “Oh, I have to wear all of my clothes because there are men here and this isn’t twerking class, then again I’m not sweaty at all.”

Here’s the thing: I can work out on my own, but I need someone to push me out of my comfort zone, this class was pretty gentle, until we did battle ropes (which I’d never done before) and that was pretty much the only thing that was new to me.

They have a good, healthy approach, that fitness is a journey. That’s really cool!

The staff was super nice, the work out was good but not extremist, but the price isn’t right and it’s way too far from my house!

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