#RINGFEVER: I come in and ask about your favorite jewelry and report your story through your accessories. THEN I style YOU with your own jewelry!!!! This week: Pinky Rings!


Alex has a regular rotation of  costume jewelry and some sentimental, but most of the sentimental ones are kept out of the way in storage either because they are not her style, or because they are old and too small now. the regulars and the pinky ring

The ones she wears regularly she describes as “clean and simple. That’s my style,” gold and silver rings that she wears all the time (img 1), sterling silver, smooth band pinky ring, simple gold ring and a rose-gold-plated-but-faded hammered ring. These are her regulars, but sometimes she’ll throw on a big bauble cocktail ring in addition, which she has a varied selection of that remind her of specific events.

Alex wears the most rings when getting dressed up for something fun- like a bridal shower or art show, but not a fancy dinner.

“rings for me… I will wear more where I feel more artistic, or expressive” She teaches color guard and dance, so its “hard to wear while clapping.”

the regular joes

img 2

The oldies

img 3

(I hear ya! )







So, does any of this have any sentimental value, or stories?

Vanguard ring, when I need a pop of red to go with lipstick.

Diamond ring her mom got her when she was sixteen. The only diamond she owns.

Four rings from same grandma (big teal is a regular in the rotation) (img 4).

grandmas rings

img 4

Layered ring that she dropped off the bleachers. Loves it but its an oval now so its not in the regular rotation (img 5)img 5

Junior prom ring “it’s big and fabulous!” (the black one in img 6)

Bauble special occasion rings (img 6)

img 6

img 6

(I never buy jewelry because I think it will match. With the exception of comfort for stacking rings)

img 7

img 7

Tiny little ring found on the beach, (img 7) thought it was a diamond ring, up until a few years ago. I wear it as a midi ring. It’s tiny! I wanted to wear as a pinky ring, but it didn’t fit.

I primarily wear them on the R, even though i’m right handed. But the diamond fits on the left!

in high school I wore a lot of thumb rings, but I can’t stand them anymore, now I wear pinky rings!

I threw away my high school thumb ring because it made my finger green, but I decided I’m too old for that.

Regular rings: found the gold band, can’t remember, was really young. (img 1, img 7)

(Reminds me of a ring my hs boyfriend gave me… it was his dad’s wedding band. In retrospect, that’s weird.)

Re: Pinky Rings

Only in the last year she have I begun to wear rings constantly.

They make me feel artistic. I like wearing jewelry that I don’t take off, I like adding to it.

I feel naked when I take things off that are on all the time.

Makes me feel like it’s a representation of my personality, they don’t mean anything. Other than the pinky ring. When I bought my pinky ring I started wearing them again.

(to me, pinky rings are very dressed up!)

When was the first time you thought, “I must have a pinky ring”?

I can’t remember.I didn’t know anyone who wore one. When I was looking for one to wear, my mom found one she loved and started wearing one with diamonds, almost every day!

Why I don’t wear rings on my left hand, I wonder if when I get an engagement ring, will it feel weird? I’ll get used to it, of course!

(I didn’t want to wear a ring on THAT finger because I felt like it was reserved, until I realized some of them would never fit any other finger, and would never get worn.)

So then I took all of the rings and put them on her, how I would wear them. (I love playing dress up with other people!!)

becca style!

img 8

I was so enamored with the green jewelry from her grandmother, i’m in a bit of an antique phase right now. Plus I love something that has a history, that had another life previous to this one.

Next, I put the small band-like rings together, doubling her normal rings on that finger (R ring finger). I like to have two or three large pieces accompanied by the smaller ones, much like an engagement ring and wedding band.

I had to include all the midis, mostly because their initial intention was to be worn on a pinky, as Alex likes so much.

Looking at this now, I feel like it’s going from cool (R) to warm (L). I love rainbows, and I’m so not surprised I did that.

Mostly I try to see what is comfortable, but because Alex wouldn’t wear all of her rings like this, it is comfortable enough to take a picture in.

Total rings: 14 ! 


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