It has been a really interesting season thus far. I was really into my practice, and then I forgot one day!

I wanted to share this with you because I feel like it’s human.

I’m generally pretty hard on myself about my achievements or lack thereof. I’m kind of an over achiever, I’m not so good at resting. I’ve been hard on myself about what I wear and how I present myself to the world. (Like I’ve forgotten what kind of style goddess I am!)  I’ve been the most hard on myself about not listening to my greatest wisdom within. Turns out, most of these things are based in comparison, and forgetting that you’re a light on this planet! Whoa!

It seems as though when we go looking for answers, we always try outside advice first. I look to other people to see how they do things, but mostly it ends up being like, why can’t I do what they do? I get all down on myself for not being them, and freaking forget that I’m on this planet for a reason too!

I’m looking outside me, I’m not considering what my strengths and gifts are when comparing myself to someone else. I’m looking outside of myself for a solution for the inside of myself. We truly never know what a person has been through to get to where they are now, why do we think we are even? That they just have more will power, or more money, or more whatever it is. We think we aren’t enough. Not eating clean enough, not meditating or exercising enough. This game doesn’t end. So I’ve decided to play my own game. (I always have, but maybe I feel like I give myself permission to do it my way now?) 

  So, like in many situations where the strategy before just don’t work anymore, we’ve got to try something completely new and different.

This is where yoga and mantra have come into play in my life. Even when I can’t get on the mat (my cushion, let’s be real) I put mantra music on. It is designed to perpendicularly cut whatever thought process is on repeat, so you can see the truth of the matter, or connects us to infinite source, reminding us that we are indeed infinitely incredible in our uniquely perfect expression should we choose to remember… When we try to ask ourselves for advice, try to trust our instincts, they get clouded by external pressures. Maybe we think if we act the way we believe, no one will love us, we will get fired, or end up with nothing, these thoughts continue unless we put a stop to them! Replace them with programming (literally programmed into our bodies and minds) that is designed to help you feel good, succeed, and trust your inner knowing. 

When you choose to add sacred sound current, the mantra cuts at an angle, so we can start moving in a more growth-supporting direction.

When we feel guilty or worrisome, we are not doing anything but burning fuel.

When we put this music on, it takes our thought train on a new route. And if you listen to mantra all the time, certain ones will pop in your head when you need them. If I’m anxious, I’ll start to deepen my breath and POP there’s a mantra. I start chanting it in my head and there goes the unnecessary thought pattern off into the distance. Freeing my creative mind to find a more positive solution. 

These vibrations resonate inside our heads, our minds, our throat chakras, and in our being to shift the current current. (teehee) When we sing, we stimulate pressure points in the mouth that directly correlate with the brain. WHOA.

Shifting from Sympatheic Nervous System (fear, flight, fight, protection) to Parasymphathetic (creative, welcoming, soothing).

Just try it out. Feeling disconnected from your purpose, your Self, your mind, your heart, sing a little. Just as a test see what happens.


This is the tune that switched my mind track today, it helps that it’s super mellow.

You can also find it at Spirit Voyage  or on Amazon Prime 🙂

Sat Narayan Wahe Guru

“Sat Narayan is True Sustainer, Wahe Guru is indescribable Wisdom, Hari Narayan is creative sustenance, Sat Nam is True Identity.

This mantra is chanted to create inner peace so one can project outer peace, happiness and good fortune. Narayan is the aspect of Infinity that relates to the water element. This mantra helps you “go with the flow” and takes you beyond the world to the experience of Infinity.”

TOOOOOOTALLYYY what my soul had forgotten and needed a reminder of. <3

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