Word CloudYesterday I wanted to go try clothes on. I have been dreaming about my next photoshoot to feature my jewelry, and I decided, let’s go shop for the clothes. The whole reason I make jewelry, i think, is so I can style it. It’s interesting, I just make it. I don’t develop it. But the styling and featuring, that’s really where the hunt comes in.

I channel the art, then I devise the plan to show it. NEAT.

It’s funny, I haven’t been into shopping for a while, because I haven’t had a lot of money. I thought it was cruel and unusual punishment to take myself to the store and try things on I couldn’t afford. Then I realized it’s a huge part of my creative process. It’s how I unwind and also how I piece together ideas. Also— Who says you have to buy things?!! Literally, my favorite part of shopping is culling through all the things. Finding the gems. and then buying haha.

The night before, I made a word cloud with all the ideas that came up for an overarching theme that I made a pinterest board for! After I made the pinterest board, I made sketches of the powerful women who would wear these pieces of jewelry. I found them to fall into three categories: Artsy/Haute, Minimalist/Spiritual, and Divine Feminine/Fantasy. I used to be into costume design, but I wasn’t really great at sketching. I now know that I don’t care how good I am at it, but that it helps me get my ideas down and across, and that to me is good. hahaha.IMG_2529

When you look at the pinterest board, then the sketches, you can see a pattern emerging. These three women types all connect with a spirit. Whether it is a collective “I feel so alive when I…” at a concert or festival, or “I feel connected when I…” go to a yoga class, go hiking, or practice rituals of self love, or “I am a freaking goddess” I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to see a new pattern even now. This woman takes care of herself. She wants to love herself deeply, she wants to know the universe through herself, and she wants to live life with her body, heart, mind, and spirit. She believes in something greater than herself, or wants to. She entertains magic. She absolutely loves Mother Earth in some way but she is definitely awake in this time of technology.

When I think about the clothing that I want to support these ideas, I think about light and bright. I’m usually looking for light and white colored clothing. This has always been a theme with my jewelry… and this was even before I started practicing Kundalini Yoga. 

I want to support other small business owners with practices and missions that align with mine, but there aren’t many boutiques in the area that carry things like that OR these lines aren’t available in boutiques, just at shows and online. But I love to try things on. So, next best thing, I went to brands that exemplify free spirit and simplicity. I visited Free People and then Lou and Grey at Santana Row.  (BTW, I’m looking at all of their new stuff online as I collect the links for you here, and OMG I wish I could try it all on!!!) Flowy and comfy GALORE.


image1 (4)

This vintage hand stitched jacket!

I gathered up the jewelry that I wanted to focus on, I put on my comfy outfit, even thought I felt like I was wearing jammies in public (maybe that’s a good thing!) and This is what I found:

Good hYOUman top and Free People Joggers

Good hYOUman top and Free People Joggers, socks by Injinji

summer here

Skinny Strap Brami in Mink Sparkle and Oh Snap! Vegan Mini in Chestnut

image1 (3)

Crazy Hearts Tee in White. Omg this fit like a dream!!!!


This was prettymuch the perfect canvas I was looking for, for this necklace.


I’d been eyeing this one for a while. Light my fire shimmer kimono in Rose Gold. Surprisingly warm and cozy! I was heating up real fast!


red rose tank in ivory and my fave last season pants!

Now, this is confusing, but stay with me here. This is called the red rose tank. it doesn’t have a red rose on it, but another version of it does. This is called “ivory”. Don’t search rainbow, it won’t come up <3


Onto Lou and Grey!


This top was amazing!!!

I’m not into high necks usually, but it was super cute with all the stitching.

Like I said, I’m not usually into high necks because it’s not as flattering for my figure, but I was like, what the heck, let’s see what my customer would wear this necklace with! Also, had to take those tight jeans off. BLAAHHH!!!!


close up of the wide vision in it’s minimalist glory.












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