Sometimes the queen of confidence has a low day.

IMG_4038 (1)

She puts on reminders that her angels are always near. Presents from her true loves. Gifts that stick a picture in the mind.

She puts glasses on so that she can shield looks, so she can see.


She puts necklaces on so that she can notice her breath.

IMG_4039 (1)

She puts on rings so that she can feel without feeling. Collecting data without immediately analyzing the information.


She puts on earrings to remember to listen, even to the tiniest of voices. Because they speak the absolute love.

She decorates her altar with similar reminders that someone is always watching out of her.

And to pay homage to the jewelry gods for inspiring her so fully.IMG_4053

She greets the tiny dinosaur that lights up her night. He is a reminder that she is a human and can choose a life.
She uses selfie stick gratefully after realizing this allows her to do so much more all by herself, relieving her if calling for help, making her queen once again.

She was never incomplete, her soul went on a vacation and needed to be summoned back.

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