Such a thoughtful moon. ????


I might say this every time, but I feel like I’ve been sifting through a lot. My clothes, my food, my thoughts, trying to figure out who I am in relation to the things around me.

Then I remembered. All I have to do is close my eyes and breathe.

The truest voice within knows me, is me— Is my partner.

The things I surround myself reflects my insides. So, it has to exist within me for me to find it outside me.

???? Co-creating with the universe is cool because it has no limits. All possibilities.

Working on surrendering. So much so that that word is on repeat. When I get tight in my chest, when I feel overwhelmed, trapped. I just surrender. It’s so much more comfortable than clenching and holding on to the patterns I’ve developed to cope. A sigh is surrender. Connection to breath, the body telling the mind to chill out and face the problem with a wider perspective.

Side note: my mom and I talked about how the wicked witch of the west was telling dorothy to surrender. She had her magic the whole time! Forget the Populist movement, this is a Sheroes Journey!

I wanted to run. All the time. When I talk to the fear inside, asking it what it is, and surrendering to the feeling as an indication, I learned that it’s not the leader, just a blinking light.

“The medicine is in the pain, I give it to you creator and I am returned to peace/dukh par har sukh ghar lay Jai”

-japji sahib via sukhdevjackson ????

Let the peace flow into your heart ????????????????????????


When was the last time something didn’t go your way and you didn’t get grumpy about it? 😀

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