Stream of consciousness after thinking about the infinite power that women have, and deny themselves because of outside reasons.
Taking care of yourself is a holy act.
Heal it forward
Whatever is keeping you from taking care of yourself is much smaller than you.
You are always worth the time.
Cheap thrills give you a little boost. What will be your source of infinite power?
We want the next generation to have it better than we did. We have to show them how.
Do it for your daughters.
Show your daughters how to take care of themselves– for themselves.
Show your daughters how to love themselves for exactly what and who they are.
Lead by example. If you want to show her how to value herself, show her how you value yourself.
Do it for her.
Treat yourself well. Take care of yourself like you’re taking care of those you love.
They need you to be well for them. You come first. Be there for yourself so you can be 100% for others.
Uncover your greatness.

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