This is literally what happens every day when I want to get dressed. Except this time it’s more fun because hallowen!!!!!


This is how I started. I really just wanted to have a cool costume for my (home) office party (of one).  Jackie O or Coco Chanel…. Doesn’t matter because this is a vintage Chanel-like suit that had some stains on it, that my mom put some cute little flower patches on. I never wear this thing, mostly because I never want to feel like a sausage in my clothes, and why would I ever? I’m so not a suit person, but I did feel powerful!IMG_5587This is the farmer girl outfit with overalls from my friend’s husband, from last Halloween! RANDOMLY got these at that same friend’s yard sale when she was moving. SCORE! (I sent her this picture and she was like, you washed these, right? lol!!!!!)IMG_5597This is the clown/70’s variety show/rainbow chameleon, who knows. I really just want to wear this all the time. IMG_5595This is hippie outfit number one with peace sign sunglasses. This is also my art teacher outfit………………IMG_5593This is the old school teacher outfit, or the librarian, or something i should wear all the time because how cute?IMG_5592And last but not least, LIZA MINELLI!!! Tiny shorts and sparkly heels made me feel really hot! Not to mention this amazing feather coat i may have gotten at age 18 for who knows what! And that vintage beaded top. So hot.



I wish I could get the videos to work, stay posted!!!!!


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