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I learned in the wee hours this morning that the Winter Solstice is an incredible time to re-engage, re-plenish, re-pair — even in the dead of winter. It’s almost like the weather is telling us to be still, telling us to go inside of ourselves to do some exploration while the outdoors are too cold to handle. Our warmth brings us inward to traverse the usually murky landscape that exists within our minds! This is an excellent time to begin a practice, to brush up on a practice, or even just try it once. Why wait for January 1st to begin anew— every moment, every breath we take is an opportunity to try again. ISN’T THAT AMAZING!!

Anyway. I couldn’t contain myself. I got a few new rocks yesterday at Mountain Spirit in Felton, CA, and I wanted to wait until the rock talk or the new moon next week, but I know I have tons of family engagements coming up this weekend that I am mentally preparing for. It’s not that I don’t love them all, it’s that it’s a lot of people, personalities, opinions and interesting interactions that have triggered my anxiety or shaken me up in the past. This is something I work on every day to work through what frightens me and keeps me from truly absorbing/reflecting the true love of the universe and the gift of life on this planet.

SO! Below, I’ve included a mantra / mudra meditation , a crystal reading, and a link to a podcast that I’m super in love with and use to learn, chill out, reframe almost every day.


They look similar, but I think this is a great test of which one truly calls to you 😉



Halite: I just got so energized when I picked this baby up! It;s like my img_1732whole body lit up, all my cells woke up in their favorite way, like it was christmas morning, or my birthday, or all of my favorite people in the same room. Think about what makes you so alive, so so so happy. It could be a memory, it could be a dream. Let that feeling flood your entire body. When you’re feeling blue during this season, just know that your happiness is your choice. When you’re feeling not excited or energized, quietly and gently ask yourself what’s in the way. What are you holding onto, what are you seeing from only one human perspective that is displeasing or frustrating to you? Allow the Halite to refract these stories, ask it to show you another possibility that has more energy. That feels lighter and way more fun. Where can you inject ease into the situation? This can be used for any situation you experience. Deep breath into your toes and hold—quickly let it out in a burst through your nose. Imagine your whole body being instantly blessed and cleared of any resistance. (Kind of like a sneeze–bless you!)  You are a beam of light! (To learn more about blessing yourself and your surroundings (food!) , watch this interview with Christiane Northrup about her new book Making Life Easy)


fullsizerender-11Kunzite: Aaaahhhhh. The excellent soother stone. This stone is closely related to lithium quartz (yes, like lithium pills!) and is an expert at reducing anxiety and nervousness. This particular one I think looks like a superhero’s lightening bolt, that knows exactly where to land. It balances the mood so we can see clearly, see that it’s not a lion, but maybe just a big goofy dog. What are you seeing as frightening and daunting that could actuallly be something beautiful or silly in disguise? Close your eyes and imagine a meter (You can write this down if it helps). On this meter place all of your fears, in order. All the way to the left is your worst fear ever. All the way to the right is the most lovely thing ever. When we experience anxiety, it’s on a scale that’s not always the same level of intensity. When we can identify what is creating the most discomfort, we can work on dealing with it slowly and with compassion for our precious hearts that race every time a trigger shows up. The body that experiences great joy and exhilaration is also the same body and set of nerve endings that feel anxiety on an exasperated level. Just know that when you feel that burst of energy, you have a choice! This is the energy of life that is asking to be used. It is your life force, huffing and puffing behind that race start gate. It doesn’t know what it’s job is other than to get a fast result. Even if for just one moment, you can ask yourself, what is the most loving thing I can do for myself right now, that is a step in a direction to care for your entire mechanism. When we can slow ourselves down, and ask these questions, this is how we heal FOR REAL. Your brain is only in charge of analyzing the sitution. Let your brain give you several scenarios, not just the one on replay. Then let your heart decide which one is best. No judgment, it changes from day to day, moment to moment. Take three whole/deep/refreshing breaths, like you are the earth breathing. The wind blowing in the trees is your breath. Where will you send this new calm?



fullsizerender-10Amethyst: A stone of the crown chakra, and historically a stone of sobriety and calm sleep. This stone is asking you to consider a higher plane, a higher purpose. All day we have choices to make, how do you make those decisions? Do you consult your counsel of inner wisdom? Do you ask your close circle of people? Who is in charge of painting the landscape and the minute details of your life? Some people say, fake it till you make it, some people use idols or someone they look up to. Where does your personal code come from, the one that helps you make all of your choices? I was playing a video game that had inner thoughts of the player, so I was inside this Knight of the Lord’s brain. I thought, well, he has a strict moral and ethical code dictated by the system he was trained in, so he just makes those choices based on that. BUT NO! I was in his brain, and I could make him choose to go against his training, and his entire belief system! Amethyst is a stone of sobriety because it allows us to see through the cloudiness of our own indecision, freedom from influence. It feels as though these days, our scale of what is right and wrong is kind of all over the place, so it’s really important to have your own system, your own north star. Write down, or think of what is absolutely non-negotiable for you. If you were never influence by other’s opinions, how would you feel and act? Three times today, notice when you’re being influenced and if you like it. Then ask yourself, what would I choose, just for me? The other day I chose to send back my fried plantains because some of the pieces got stuck together when they were fried, and not only were they not cooked, they weren’t crispy or what I was expecting— uh–mouth watering for! So, I sent them back—which is really hard for me! I don’t want to offend anyone, but I also wasn’t going to enjoy them as much, and I was going to feel a little jipped when I got the bill. Without influence from the outside, who are you on the inside?

Meditaion:  Antar Naad, Find your infinity in the vibrational sound

I discovered this just around the full moon, and I want to listen to this all day every day. It’s so beautiful, it’s so soothing. Please enjoy this teaching and glorious sacred soundcurrent from Nirinjan Kaur. ALSO —- I am packing up the jewels and heading to Joshua Tree in April 2017 to Sat Nam Fest, where I will be chanting and singing with these angels on earth, check it out! 5 days of glorious vibration raising. xoxo

Podcast Recommendation: Guru Singh Podcast, “Make Every Room Your Home”

Click the think to listen in your browser, or search in iTunes podcasts 🙂

What does it take to feel comfortable? What do we need to feel like to prepare ourselves for situations? Who are we, when we go outside?



Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below or send me an email

Crystal Kisses from a never ending source <3 Becca

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