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Today’s actual Outfit

I don’t know why I go in these stores. Well, okay I do. Sometimes I find gems that I wear FOREEVRR.

Not to mention everything is so cheap. Like. It’s made by robots in a factory. (And if is tiny hands then I cry.)


today’s actual instagram post

I usually walk in and everywhere I look is something overdone and repetitively worn by Taylor swift. Nothing original. Like when you bought the 28 pack of one flavor of yogurt. That feeling.

Then my eyes dart from new to favorite textures, fabrics and patterns. I walk around the whole store, uninspired. Then I reach the accessories. Still blah…-what are those!? Rainbow sunglasses? Okay. Try them on and then some more obsessively. It comes in another color? Great.

Make it over to the sale rack and then think, oh, maybe I can make an addition to my light colored clothes collection… Start flipping through hangars on round racks thinking of those kundalini goddess women in all white. I’ve been wearing a lot of gauzy pastels lately. Modern goddess, fitted in the right places, uses technology… ya no.
“You’re on.” I think to myself.

Found a tank and a sweater, and almost walked right out with them. Then I was like, okay but what do they really look like on??

UGhh, full hands, sunglasses! “I’m just — I’m getting these… I’m going to try this stuff on… I’m going to put them here.”


You’d think the floor was lava, from all the clothing snatching I was doing.

Dressing room time.

What am I doing again? Oh yeah. Playing dress up. I don’t need any of it, do I even want it?

Let the games begin.

(While I was thinking kundalini goddess, there was only one thing really that fit the bill, but never seem to look good on anyone…..this store had a ton of pastels/creams/whites, but none in the cuts I had in mind.)

So I present to you:



comfy yoga bae – soft and textured shorts, super soft tank with huge arm holes- good for shoulders, soft sweater that instantly transported me to a fireplace with a PSL.


Chic bloggess – sleek and sophisticated, yet soft and feminine. I can have my PSL and my VPL!





Brunchie selfie – like sunday at the baseball diamond with a cool beer in hand… or kombucha mimosas with the girlies. This V neck is casual and cute, but what in tarnation does that say on the back?!

What is this top!! WIFEY –Deal breaker– cute cut though. I picked it up because it reminded me of health goth stark contrasting sports motifs. Also, I never pass up a top thats short on the sides and long in the front and back. LEGS FOR DAYS.

rollin with the homies

rollin with the homies

kundalini goddess in training

kundalini goddess in training


I told you not to wear white leggings.

Wrap ups? It really doesn’t matter where you shop, if you use a keep eye for what lights you up, or makes you feel cool, or like the person you want to be, you pick that up and you try it on!

You don’t have to drop dollas to look fabu.


AND that I am determined to make things work. Bringing things in the dressing room is how you can test out different parts on yourself. Try on another attitude, personality…. It is endless.

This couple on my walk back is too down with pink.



PS: Thanks to Mailchimp for the rad red socks 🙂

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