Pisces. A time for diving in the clearest waters. Knowing that jumping in doesn’t mean struggling. When we choose to float, it naturally occurs.
See where the stream takes you, with the guiding light of this huge Harvest Moon. If something has been bothering you, hindering you, this is a great time to face it head on.
I’m talking internally here, opinions, preconceptions, judgments.
What is revolving within you that is preventing you from being who you truly are? In fact, this is the perfect time to look back and see where choosing love has taken you, to show you the way to heal these dark parts.

Pick a stone, any stone, and see what that stone has to tell you.

img_04371) Adventurine: I use this stone when I know I’m going into a situation where I have no control over other’s and their actions. It reminds me to embrace the uncertain and the unknown. It gives a sort of calm that makes the difference between excitement and anxiety- which are sides of the same coin. So much energy that doesn’t know where to go or what to be. Use this precious healing moon time to stop yourself and focus on the peace that comes with anticipation. The knowing that everything always works out for the greatest good and all you can control is your perception. Notice what makes you feel tense, and take a breathe to release it. “When I stop struggling, I float.”]
2) Amethyst: In ancient Greece, this was revered as a sobriety stone. It is still used for sobriety today, but can be used in differing situations, not just with substance addiction. This is the anchor to calm. It’s suggested to place under the pillow or at the bedside for nightmare prevention. The truth is, it gives us the space, the freedom to see the situation without interference . It sobers us from the opinions and expectations of others. It allows us to be pure in our own situation. It connects with the crown chakra, so it is a perfect stone for channeling your highest purpose or good. Envision the sweet purple light entering through the top of your head and flooding the rest of your body. Your choices are yours alone, make them for yourself, free and clear of influence. “My path is my own, and even if it looks similar to another’s, only I know what is right for me.”
3) Serpentine: Made where the waters and the land meet. This particular variety is a slice of Big Sur Jade, found only on the central coast of California. This is a stone of bringing your energy up, otherwise known as Kundalini Rising energy. Your life force is stimulated by this stone, and also your heart chakra (color green!) so this brings your primal and universal energies up through the heart to the mind where the deepest desires can first be manifested in thought and then executed in “real life” Your heart calls out with desire, and this stone brings the energy it needs to create. It aligns all the chakras for your highest good, and for your soul purpose on this planet. This is a great time to close your eyes, take some deep breaths, and ask your heart what it wants. Don’t judge what comes up, but I bet you know what it wanted. Focus on the glorious feeling that listening to your heart provides and soak around in it, like the best bath time. “My heart knows.”

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