When you trust yourself, you are opening yourself up to thousands of years of wisdom.

Stored in your DNA.

Trusting yourself means acting upon the thoughts that are true messages. When the system is communicating correctly, it’s no wonder people can live every bit out of their lives.

It means listening to yourself before listening to the needs of others.

It means listening to your body when it tells you it needs something.


When you are constantly ignoring your basis needs, for example, HANGER.

Your body is in a constant state of trying to balance. When you don’t eat enough, it dips into fat stores-sometimes good! (if you don’t eat enough, then eat a bunch, it holds on to all those nutrients- like your body doesn’t trust that you’ll feed it again, so it saves up.) That means when you eat something not so good for you, it immediately begins figuring out how to stabilize the blood sugar, salt and fats immediately. That’s why you ultimately feel better after eating something junky. It’s supposed to recover– that’s how it’s made.

Perfect example: cut your finger? White blood cells to the rescue! Get a virus? White blood cells the the rescue!!!


Now, your heart stores your reason for being, it sends out it’s desires constantly. It will always tell you what it wants- it always wants love. It is super rewarding in the shiny and glowy way. This is gratifying in a hard to describe way, but love always wins. When you choose what your heart is telling you, you will be the most happy.  But the brain can interrupt, like a senate vetoing a bill…..

Why does the brain do this?

The brain is there to moderate. It takes input and it converts it to output. It is an automatic computer center in your body.

When thoughts come up, the brain analyzes them, using data it’s collected all our lives, and also patterns inherited genetically. It’s forms and shapes are moved and molded by our experiences and those of the people before us. In a way, the emotional patterns get stored, and are actually passed down genetically.

So, a thought might pop in your head that you have an immediate yes or no response to. What if all thoughts are meant to be neutral, until we can make a decision about them?

 We live in a time and place where we’ve learned to make fast decisions without fully consulting our body council.

When we have a good or bad experience, our brain gets stuck in a pattern of holding onto that. It wants to remember the good times and it definitely will never ever forget that traumatic experience and anything in their life related to that will adhere. It’s so easy to get stuck in a thought pattern because of an event in time.

“Dan O’Grady, a psychologist and Living School student, told me recently that our negative and critical thoughts are like Velcro, they stick and hold; whereas our positive and joyful thoughts are like Teflon, they slide away. We have to deliberately choose to hold onto positive thoughts so that they can “imprint.”” – Richard Rohr, complete article here.

This struggle is your heart and brain trying to reconcile. It doesn’t want to hold onto bad memories or trauma. It is constantly trying to rid itself of these “demons” and that’s why it can be painful. The heart so badly wants to be free of the pain, but the brain says–nope, that’s the definition you gave me when that happened- so I only do what you told me.

Sometimes thoughts trigger an emotional response. What happens when we are triggered?

Some would say it’s like being chased by a lion.

When the senses (sensors for the brain-o-matic) deem the situation safe again, we can calm down. Between the stimulus and the relief is terror. During that WHOLE time, your body is doing the work to make you as efficient as possible so you can escape your fear. Seeing as the readers of this are probably like me and probably not running from lions, this is the time for you to use your heart and your mind to tell your brain that you are actually okay.

The trick is knowing when you’re being triggered. I would place a hefty bet that you are frequently banishing that thought from your mind- like me.

The heart wants control back! It has your reason for living, it stores your dreams and goals and life mission.

Just because the brain can make a decision, doesn’t mean it should all the time.


It’s okay to take a moment to breathe, and then to think.


Your loving self— it’s the one telling you that you’re okay— it’s also the one that gives you the pep talk, or glows when you’re elbow deep in something awesome YOU love and want to do for you. —– that’s the self to listen to. It will bring you out of the well-worn trench into the sunshine. Where you can see the end of the trench and know how to jump on out if you fall in again. This voice never has panic in it, it is even soothing. The voice that has panic is comfortable in that scary place–believe it or not, we get so attached to our fears. Once we start to investigate them, we realize that we can change our opinion.

IT IS YOU- Or guardian angels, or god, but in any case, it is your heart speaking and it knows what you truly desire.

Like the booty she got from her mama. Those cells have so much information, they store and remember things from the first people in time— hence Ashkenazi Jews and the prevalence of lactose intolerance– yep. I’m less advanced in that genetic lotto. THANK THE EVER LOVING UNIVERSE FOR LARRY AND LUNA.


“Neuroscience can now demonstrate the brain indeed has a negative bias; the brain prefers to constellate around fearful, negative, or problematic situations. In fact, when a loving, positive, or unproblematic thing comes your way, you have to savor it consciously for at least fifteen seconds before it can harbor and store itself in your “implicit memory;” otherwise it doesn’t stick. We must indeed savor the good in order to significantly change our regular attitudes and moods. And we need to strictly monitor all the “Velcro” negative thoughts.” – Richard Rohr


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