IMG_7540“The ladies and I, we certainly wouldn’t have showed up to work tonight if we had anticipated a decompression. But in the event of a decompression, four saffron yellow buttercup masks designed by Gucci and Martha Stewart, well, they’re going to drop from that compartment overhead.” 2:47

I always want to help.

I want people to know that they can ask me for things. I want them to know that if I don’t have what they’re looking for, I will point them in the direction of their “something good”.

But then I feel kind of exhausted. I really love talking to people, but because I want to help them so much, I don’t help me so much.

Then this pang hits me – help yourself!

No. That’s selfish.

No it’s not. Well, not in the way you think.

Okay fine, I have to take care of me.

When we interact with others, we are forming lines of energy to ourselves. It’s an invisible string tying you there. This can happen with anyone that you share your energy with. You ask the cashier how their day is going… You say hello to people while walking down the street, you hold the door for someone…. Energy shared. You’ve lit them up with your kindness. You’ve given them a part of yourself, connecting you. It happens with friends and family, sometimes you feel almost psychicly connected, you share resources and excess with one another.

This feels great. It’s almost a rush actually. So you say yes to more parties, even though you have finals. You say yes to help someone move some stuff when you needed to clean your house. You order more take out because your sink is full. The come down is ugly. You’re getting tired more, cranky, you don’t want to work out or see people, and all you want to do is eat chips. This is because you’ve been giving so much.

(I’m in no way telling you to stop giving, keep reading.)

When someone asks if your free to go out for drinks, but you had yoga on the books?

Do the one that makes your heart feel shiny…The most.

If yoga is your personal time that keeps you from choking beanie babies?


If this is the first time in months you’ve gone out, and someone gave you their cool-but-I-never-wear-them shoes?


Life is full of decision making.

You brain is like a computer, it’s going to use a logical answer– the straightest line from A to B. Your heart is the one that should be running the show when friend time and personal time collide.

You must give yourself time to do what is important to you. But most of all, the things that keep you going. Fuel that is not food. What keeps your brain alive and well? What keeps your heart and lungs from giving out earlier than you’d like? What do you do to keep your spirit bright and shiny? What lights you up? What makes you happy?

We need all of these things. All these bases covered. But I know, life is sooooo crazy sometimes.

“I am not in my favorite physical shape, but that’s because I’ve been focusing on work.”

I’d like to get to a time and place where I can have it all, but I think the most important ones are Mind, body, spirit. These are the three things that make up our lives. (Notice there’s no work in there?)

We need to create a framework for our lives. Design what we want it to look like so we can work it out. Obviously there are tons of things that happen, so we should carefully choose the time we are (in whatever means) in control.

The framework should start small. What’s one thing you can do this week just for you?

Over time, this changes to, what’s one thing you can do every day, that’s just for you?

Once you begin making decisions with your heart, the beauty just keeps unfolding. (Life gets better!)

It’s your you-time. Your communion with life in your time and space. Your enjoyment, your love, your light. Bright, shiny spots for life. Your dreaming and scheming and planning time. Your Team [insert name here] meetings. Where you decide where you want to go, what you want to do, based on what you have.

When you give yourself “me” time, you will fully be able to help others. Your arms will be strong to help people move. Your mind will be sharp to play ridiculously long games with friends, you will be rested.  You will have your needs met, your cup will runneth over, to better share with others.

So please, put your mask on first. Because everyone should want to live more than someone else. (That sounds terrible!)

If you die, you can’t help anyone.

Put your mask on. Like a face mask, because you’ve done a lot lately.

And if your friend is trying to do things more for herself, cheer her on. Because when she takes care of herself, she can be even more supportive to you.

Here is a lovely affirmation I made today. It describes the magical feeling of faeries and anything is possible. During this mediation I wore these crystals. I also wore aquamarine, check out the crystal glossary.

I am brightly shining.

By learning how to listen to yourself you will better be able to listen to others needs.

What is something you  can do for yourself this week? Leave a comment below, I’d love to know 🙂

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