It was early evening in a Free People store, Gabby Bernstein asked me about these pink stones and I felt so warm and soothed. She told me I was so good at talking about crystals and I should keep going.

—–A dream I had last week between recovering from festivals and planning custom projects


I’ve been going back and forth as to what all of this crystal stuff means for me, as a business owner, as a jewelry designer, as a person who love crystals and hears their messages. I feel a little crazy and all over the place and that’s only because I’m not sitting down and letting the messages in. I’m working on slowing down to make decisions.

Just because it’s the future doesn’t mean we have to rush through everything, right?

That’s the main reason I use crystals. They are a reminder that it’s okay to stop and breathe, that the universe doesn’t understand amounts… just connections. Crystals have millenia of knowledge stored within, but they also reflect back to us what we have stored and maybe put in the deep freezer. They remind us who we are and why we are.

I hold them in my hands and ask questions, and they come back with really direct, even snarky answers sometimes. But yesterday it was like, “we had to talk to you that way, because you weren’t listening.” Like when my mom told me I’d touch my brain if I picked my nose, automatically equated that with death. Yesterday’s message: If you don’t take care of yourself, you will die. (Way harsh, Tai. But it’s the truth and needed to be spoken to me in a way I would listen).

It’s cool though, you don’t have to wear them or even touch them to feel their presence or utilize their powers. Here are some different kinds of things we can use now.

I’ve always been weary about ingesting crystals via my water (like, what are they treated with??) but these companies have figured it out to give us a healthy and healing solution to our crystal-less woes.

  1. I shared a link on my facebook to a company called Chakrubs that makes intimate massage wands out of crystals, and girls and boys, your root chakra will thank you! (and all your others that have been over working or underworking to help the sad root chakra that just wants to feel connected to the earth and humanity. We all have a desire to belong, that’s all I’m sayin’!) I love how brave the owner is too, she’s a sensitive soul who had a great idea for healing what a lot of us are needing help with. Security in weird times.
  2. Saje Natural Wellness Essential Oil Perfumes with GEMSTONE ROLLER BALL. I sniffed all of these in the store, and the sales lady was like, they all have crystal balls WHOA. So not only are you applying a sweet and natural fragrance, but you are making contact with the crystal. Crystal balls are great for sending and receiving energy too, this would be great for a morning ritual / routine in which you want to release or welcome anything into your life, all you have to do is imagine the idea, form a mental picture, focus on the ball and send it off like blowing a kiss! (I do this often… the power of our breath is kind of amazing) BTW Shanthi scent brings me straight back to someone’s bed chamber— really traditional kind of tantric scent! haha
  3. You’ve totally seen those water bottles that have a space in the middle for crystals, here is something you can put in anything, not just your water. VitaJewel Water Infuser Phiolino. It’s a glass wand full of crystals.  Also, how cool is that case it comes in? I would always worry about those glass tea tumblers, this is a little stir stick that you can take with you, whoa. They even suggest using this to vitalize your water. HOW THIS WORKS: The crystals vibrate at a frequency that can be measured but not seen by the naked eye. When you put it in a liquid it shares it’s energy. Sounds hippie dippy, but this is science. hahahaahahha Also, the store that’s selling this is probably my original reason for being into all this crazy stuff. My aunt worked there in her early 20’s and had a  Dancing Shiva statuette that I was freaking obsessed with.

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